Sunday, June 11, 2017


SO .... I did it!   I deactivated my favorite social media account AKA FACEBOOK..... it was a challenge to do this as I could not figure out how to get rid of my personal account and continue on with my PHOTO / FRUGAL / NEIGHBORHOOD pages.... it was a lot easier than I thought!!

I got a few PM's asking me about how to do this  (deactivate and keep your business page open)  as others are interested in doing the same.   ITS VERY EASY, you just have to assign another person or profile as an administrator!  So I assigned another person/profile as administrator and deactivated my account.   The only role the administrator has on FB is my business pages - no friends etc - only liking a few other business pages.   I also was able to maintain my MESSENGER APP  which allows me to stay in touch with the friends via my phone / messenger!! How cool is that?   I can message my FB friends WITHOUT getting on FB!

I no longer "surf" on FB.    I have found that the MYSPACE of YESTERDAY is the FB TODAY.   It appears that it has become a breeding ground for many things that I did not sign up for when I joined.  I left Myspace ...thinking that both social media platforms would / could exist with two very different agendas.  I was wrong, its almost like they MERGED?     Everything from pornographic photos being sent to women from unsolicited from random "soldiers in foreign countries"  to multi-level marketing swarms,  Political Mayhem,  Middle School Squabbles,   Attention Seeking kids and adults ,   Negative posts about others,   Public Marital Spats .... etc etc etc.......  not reading this and seeing this on a daily basis has been , well... ..

LIBERATING!!!!!  To say the very least.  I found that I have  A LOT more time on my hands do other necessary life things,  relax, read, crossword puzzles, kayak, book my next adventure etc etc.   I have time to actually talk on the phone and be more present in my "life."  In addition I can  take on more jobs.    I have been SLAMMED with taking photos and now I need to edit and process.  This is something I used to keep open my FB page while I was doing.  The only thing I haven't found more time to do is clean my house   (WINK WINK)

I used to be one of those people that would say "look at everyone walking around reading their phones"  or  I would observe people having lunch or dinner with their phones and not the person across the table.... and then i BECAME THAT PERSON ..... I am now back tracking and UNBECOMING that person.   I am going to be the person I was before that.... immersed in my life, my adventures, and the people that I love.

So with all of that being said.... I will be reopening my personal account from time to time to send a message out to those that are still on my friends list.... about where and how to find me - important updates etc.  I plan on following the lead of a friend and getting some "books" made of my photos and adventures that were documented for so many years,  so you may "see" me open it from time to time to post a message or information on how to find me with links and such but I am done with the newsfeed as a way of life.   I will be systematically doing this .... and in limited "doses" to not get caught up in it again.

Thank you .... to those that really are interested in being my friend,  my real life friend!   You can get in touch with my via MESSENGER or my HOME (calls) / CELL PHONE  (texts).     I appreciate your continued support and love ... and understanding while I sort all of this out !!!

Happiness is the JOURNEY not the DESTINATION!!!    I plan on making my journey full of as much happiness and love as possible and I wish you the same!

Love :   Anjie Kay

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Doing It Healthy said...

I totally get it!!! I have been on less and less. I noticed you were gone a few days and thought let me look up her blog. ;-)

I am using mine mostly for research for our adventures/vacations etc and looking at my Family List. I have noticed when we are out now, to eat or any where actually, I don't feel the need to pick up the phone much anymore. It truly has been a great feeling to get back to people and talking. I yelled at T last night while out at Lattitudes, RUDE, as she was on her phone, HAHA!!!!! She quickly put it down. I didn't pick up mine for anything. :-)

Love you!!! Enjoy your free time for FUN Stuff!!!! I know I am!!!