Thursday, June 29, 2017


Ok so I took a small hiatus,  a break, if you will from the ever so popular FACEBOOK.   I am back now with a refreshed mind ... I am still not finished culling my friends list, nor "catching up" on everything that needs to be done but ... I have a new attitude and outlook ....I needed to DE-Clutter my thoughts and that was the perfect way to do it.

I was a bit disturbed and overwhelmed...  and thought I was angry.... about the behaviors of others and how that affected me,  my mind,  my heart and my attitude.      Well really I wasn't angry, but disappointed in myself,  once again for falling prey and disregarding red flags and the warnings of others and it was presenting with frustration and anger instead of the sadness and disappointment that was really there. That chapter of my life is now over.   The unplugging , blocking, banning and cutting off the limbs commenced until I was left with NO "noise" to react to.     I have caught up with what is important and brought those in my family and close circle closer and tighter to my chest... and embraced ... those that have positive and peaceful input even more.

I am continuing to work on myself ,  physically, spiritually, emotionally and my photography business as well.   I have a new business that I have been collaborating with a few others on and am excited about its beginning .... the problem was only that I had all of this irrelevant goings on that was interfering with what really matters.     I don't know if other people , other empaths,  experience this overload or war between the emotions in their head and heart like I do but if you are reading this and you do.... I would recommend the same "unplugging" to sort it out to anyone.   I will probably do this again,  to refresh and renew from time to time when the "world" interferes with my "private party." it was effective and helped me to clean my windshield so that I could see my journey once more a clean and clear fashion.

While I was "gone" from FB I learned just how ingrained I was and dependent on it I was.  Instead of reading the paper or watching the news on TV I was learning everything I knew from FB.   The contests and deals that I enter and take advantage of all are encompassed in this social media outlet.   I found that I was not "in the know" about things while I was gone and I also learned that the things I posted some people looked forward to and were looking forward to when I was gone.  My phone and my photo page (administrated by another profile with no friends)  became flooded with "where are you"  "whats wrongs"  "I miss you" and then those that wanted to tell me the "bad" that others were doing that I may need to know....  All was appreciated and all was done in love and concern .... all made me realize that I needed to come back ... and participate in FB and this little thing called Social Media....    I spent a lot of time with "myself" and my kids / grandkids/ and E .... and found out that indeed my spirit was intact... bruised knees from falling to them .... but intact.... and my family ... yep that was intact ... my world was fine.... and is fine .... and will be fine.... <3 ....="" p="">

I  have learned to and will pollenate, fertilize and water with what it takes to make my life bloom without the added manure that needs to be ignored.  I am back with a refreshed and De-Cluttered mind.  I am enjoying each day, Carpe Diem, is back at the forefront of my mind.   With the daily tragedies in the world, in the country , in the state and in my little P-town,  it is necessary for me to know and be aware of them but not let them consume my happiness and steal my joy....  I will reap what I sow that is for sure and the seeds that I have planted have all been planted with good intention and love ... so that is exactly  what I will reap....  and I will claim my harvest and share with others .... and ignore the manure that was and is only there to fertilize and help my knowledge and faith continue to grow.   I have been tested and tempted through out my life.... and this I have found has been no different... just another test to see if I can be tempted to sow something else....  it won't happen....  my journey.... is on course.   See ya on the Book-Face !  (quote by my girl Tari A.)