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THIS IS NORRIS (and me and jason LOL)




Powhatan man making miraculous recovery after being stabbed in the head  - CHANNEL 8

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A 21-year-old Powhatan man is recovering in the hospital after being stabbed in the head on Sunday.
“He kept screaming and I turned and I looked and I could tell he was in trouble and in pain,” says the victim’s father, Norris Goode Sr.
He explains his son, Norris Goode Jr., was fishing with a friend at a neighbor’s pond just across the road from the family’s home.
As they were about to leave, two men allegedly confronted them about fishing on the property. Then, according to investigators with the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, the pair attacked Goode and stabbed him in the arm and then the head.
According to Goode’s mother, Rebecca Parker, the five-inch knife blade broke off in her son’s brain. Doctors had to operate to remove it.
“Another quarter of an inch further into his brain and he would have died,” she said. “It is a miracle that he is still here.”
24-year-old Jesse Ray Moore and 21-year-old Jacob Moore are now in jail without bond charged with aggravated malicious wounding.

Group protests judge's not guilty   verdict in Powhatan stabbing   CHANNEL 12 RICHMOND....

Protesters march on the Powhatan courthouse demanding justice after a judge finds a man not guilty in a recent stabbing.
Norris Goode Jr. survived being stabbed in the head, but after one suspect was acquitted in the case, demonstrators fear Goode will never get justice.
The case now has the attention of the Virginia NAACP, along with upset members of the Powhatan community. They say that law enforcement and the prosecutor did their job, but Powhatan Judge Paul Cella did not.
Several dozen peacefully marched half a mile from the Hollywood Baptist Church on Old Buckingham Road to the Powhatan courthouse. It was all to support Norris Goode Jr., who marched in the front with his family.
"I trusted the justice system," he said. "I trusted my county. The county I loved and lived in."
Last year, Norris Jr. survived being stabbed in the the arm and the head - where the blade actually broke off. It was a fight over fishing at a pond on Huguenot Springs Road, where the victim says he had permission to fish. Two brothers, Jesse Ray and Jacob Moore, who do not own the property, were charged. Last month, Powhatan Judge Paul Cella found Jesse Ray not guilty.
"There was a mountain of evidence that was disregarded!" says Norris Goode Sr. "I have a problem with that!"
Norris Jr. says he wasn't trying to make this case about race but said, "On March 15, this past month, this case became an issue of discrimination, racial injustice and illegal lynching, where my black life was devalued in a court system compared to the life of a Caucasian man," he said.
His family is by his side. "This is why Norris lived," says his mother, Rebecca Parker. "To speak for those who didn't live and to identify and break down failing justice systems, especially for the black men all over this land."
The Virginia NAACP is now paying attention to the case.
"Write Congressman McEachin, Senator Warner, Senator Kaine, and ask them for a federal investigation for what's going on here in this county!" says Phillip Thompson, the Loudoun County NAACP president. "Bring the federal government in, if the locals can't do the job."
The brother, Jacob Moore, goes on trial June 5. NBC12 reached out to Jesse Ray Moore's attorney, who said they did not want to comment on the case. Cella's office also declined comment.


Norris Goode Sr. shared Rebecca C Parker's event.
6 April at 12:43
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Fri 10:00Hollywood Baptist Church-Powhatan, VAPowhatan
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Sherry Kinchen You can fool some of the ppl some of the time. but you can't fool all of the ppl all of the time. sometimes i wish i were black so that i could cry "FOUL" everytime something didn't go my way. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!
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Ralph Shelton What the whole entire hell??? 
What does black have to do with anything? This dude stabbed a man in his head for no reason. Why?
Because he was fishing? 
...See more
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Norris Goode Sr. Cousin, I understand...
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Ralph Shelton It's sickening. I can't say I understand as a parent but I had a sibling taken away from me who was stabbed and it wasn't a black or white thing. It was simply demonic. Period. So yeah, I agree.
If they don't understand it, then they can save those ill-mannered comments.
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Diane Hansen Ralph Shelton I agree. It doesn't matter what the color of the individuals are, evil is evil. I'm white, born n raised n p-town n for this to happen saddens me to the core. People are jumping on the ban wagon of everyone here being ill educated racists...See more
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Rich Sanfilippo In the original post it says that there is a gathering at Hollywood Baptist on April 7. So has it already happened or is that a typo and supposed to say the 17th? Also, Niles Goode shared a link to a synopsis of Norris Jr.'story and a very short survey...See more
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Norris Goode Sr. Rich Sanfilippo, that event has taken place. Thanks for your support. If you're a member of the Justice for Norris group, we will keep you posted as to future rallies. Again, thanks so much!
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Sherry Kinchen Mr. Goode in all due respect, I am spending another sleepless night as I'm sure you have over this entire tragedy. Please allow me to present the other side of this, and perhaps you will find comfort in the reaping of anger and hatred. I do not condone...See more
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Niles Goode Your comments are a pile of bullshit! I've listened to you defend you grandchildren long enough. You think because Cella made his jacked up decision it was right? Had Jesse or Jacob been on the receiving end of the blade and Norris walk free your famil...See more
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Blake Trent I'm so sick of dumb people trying to use hindsight as their main argument point. Sherry your dumb, I'm not a goode or apart of that family. I'm a grown man telling you that you're dumb. I honestly hope that one day you wake up and realize how dumb you ...See more
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Bridgette Fowler A bad decision has consequences for a lifetime. Those consequences are overarching and while unfair for innocent family members affected by them, they are still consequences to be owned by those who invoked them not the victims who were actually harmed by them.
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Rebecca C Parker I just woke up to this thread...WHAT THE HOLY HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT FROM THIS RACHET, GUTTER MOUTH, EXAMPLE OF AN IGNORANT AND UNCONSCIOUS SOCIETY! Sherry Kinchen, you are about to meet my rage and anger face to face...mother to grandmother head on! Yo...See more
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Rebecca C Parker And your poor babies are living in hell and fear...LOL! Good...they are where they belong. Living a life of hell is worse than dying. Couldn't be me...and a family that will pay any amount of money to keep your children from taking responsibility of their action speaks volumes to your families ethics and values. Poor Jesse...Poor Jacob...F*ck Em'...I say that dignified and all.
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Blake Trent I feel like people that support the Moore's in this case are viewing the Goode's as taking the easy way out. I honestly do, I feel like we are trying to communicate with simple people(Moore's) . They are thinking that pulling the race card is the easie...See more
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Rich Sanfilippo Hey, Granny, I would recommend for the best interests of everyone involved that you refrain from making anymore statements on this thread. You have turned a request for support of a victim of a violent crime and an entire family of a extremely poor decision by a judge and poured salt all over the wound. Just. Stop. Talking.
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Susan Blake Kierson How sad that she is trying to defend the garbage that attacked a Man. I don't care what color your skin is, we are all Gods children. Never should a person try to justify hatred and malicious assault. Her remarks are a clear definition of WHY these ...See more
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Valley Pickren This woman is a completely fool and idiot. So being married to a black man doesn't make her a racist! You and those pieces of garbage grandsons are complete racist idiots. Unbelievable !
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Angelica McIntosh Being married to a PoC doesn't automatically mean you aren't prejudice. #checkyourprivilege
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Anjie Kay I am sitting here in awe...... not rage..... I am so sorry that there appears to be NO REMORSE or RESPONSIBILITY taken for what happened to Norris. I am sorry that YOU the GRANDMOTHER is so blind and ignorant to post such HUMAN-LESS, SELFISH remarks. I am sorry that you have an autistic child/grandchild but maybe if that runs in the family that is the reason that your grandson cannot remember holding a knife ..neither of them, the knife did NOT fall out of the sky. The smoke and mirrors does rise a reasonable doubt or WHICH ONE OF THEM DID IT , BUT ONE OF THEM DID..... now I don't believe that ANYONE on this earth would think that it is ok for BOTH OF THEM to SMOKE AND MIRROR so much that both walk free from MAIMING a young man in our community.. If you have noticed that the RACE CARD has not been mentioned until now? why is that? because it is not about RACE it is about HUMAN and it is also about ANGER, SIN and INJUSTICE. I don't want to call anyone a liar ...but if you are married to a black man, miss sherry....why can't I see any of his photos on your page and why did I not see him in court? just saying a minor observation I made...... the Goode Family are not racist and not only is that professed out of their mouth's but also out of their ACTIONS . IN ADDITION have you ever checked out your grandson's facebook page before all of this? well , if you did not maybe you should, with all the HIGH POWERED WEAPONS and "DREAM" homemade shanks and also a few RACISTS HUMOR JOKES ...that I myself read on HIS OWN PAGE IN HIS OWN WORDS..... so.... now here you are coming to mr. NG Sr.s page bowing up to this family and asking them to GET OVER IT? REALLY? I will never get over it and I am not a blood relative just one of their many many community friends. I will forever see that xray photo, it is something you cannot no fish .... it doesn't matter......trespassing / no tresspassing it doesn't matter....what matters is a MAN HAD A KNIFE IN HIS SKULL and by the grace of god is NOT DEAD....he WILL have damage the rest of his life. As far as your grandsons life and death threats etc.... you think that is in any way EQUAL to what this family endured ..????? NO ...... the only thing that will make you UNDERSTAND AND BEG FORGIVENESS FROM GOD AND THIS FAMILY IS IF THE "EYE FOR AN EYE" LAW was IN EFFECT...then you would have not one but TWO grandsons with knives in their heads and no one claiming to put them there, that MAY give you a bit of insight. GOD BLESS YOU REBECCA for handling everything with much grace and you KNOW I love these boys, your family and stand FIRM beside you. Norris Goode Rebecca C Parker Niles Goode Norris Goode Sr. Chase Dowdle April Scarboro Dowdle I would love to tag Sherry kincher but unable to do so along with jesse and jacob too
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Cristal Miles Grubbs I'd be ashamed to say anything but I'm sorry to this family. Im truly amazed. The idea of the toe to toe under these circumstances is psychopathic. God has nothing to do with any of her comments, at all. Serious heart issue. That's what God invades first.
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Crystal Poteat Wow I wonder how Sherry Kinchen would feel if the tables were turned!!!!!!!!!
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Jennifer Lanier Smh this women is really......
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Leslie Johnson Out of ALL THE nonsense she is spewing, this struck me the most! "Yes there is evil in this world"....... clearly this family is full of it! How dare her plea for compassion with what HER family is going through. Apparently we are all making assumptions as to how Norris got stabbed. I'd like to know what her take on it is! All she has said is that nobody was there! Well the brother was there AND TESTIFIED AGAINST HIS OWN FAMILY MEMBER!!! So please tell me, Sherry! How do you think it went down?? What has Jesse learned from this exactly? That he can get away with violence? I just pray that this isn't one of those things where later down the road someone may die because of him and they had wished he was put away when all this went down! He obviously has anger issues and needs serious help. Where were you in his upbringing with all of your qualified crudentials? You keep sticking by your grandson, karma will find her way to your evil ass too! Repent, tell the truth, repeat!!!
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PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE TO "GET OVER IT"   is about as rude of a comment from a SOUL LESS person that you can make in ANY SITUATION ,    people need to accept things yes but they never have to GET OVER IT!    so for all of you SOULESS people out their who seem to have nothing better to do than spread hate, rumors or anything of the like, that is what makes me want to withdraw from the world....

I love you Rebecca, April , Norris and Chase

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