Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I bought these two Chocolate Bars yesterday for about $5 each at a local store called the Aquarian.  I have been "schooled" about kava for years and the way the Islanders have used this product for years.  I have never had "raw or real" kava ...the tea nor been to a kava bar but I aspire to!

I have taken kava supplements and had a mixed result from different amounts in the capsules of kavalactones .    BUT NOW ...I found out that REAL kava is being sold on the net and other places .... I can't wait to try the "real stuff" but in the mean time I found these!   

I asked the guy at the counter about the "strength" ..and he told me that he eats an entire bar but he has customers that eat one square and feel effects from that.   He said you could also taste the "bite" of kava... in it as well but that it tastes good.   (he suggested crunchy almond and toasted cocoanut for taste)


so I ate 2 squares.... I had some effect from it...I could taste it, a bit of numbing in my mouth along with some fabulous dark chocolate taste (fine dark chocolate) but I probably need 2 more squares or so,  was being "careful" next time will be a 4 square test... 

delicious taste .... 

more when I try 4 squares!

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