Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Election 2016 my two cents and what I have learned in my lifetime

So as we sit back and watch the country go out to vote I wanted to reflect on this election and some of the thoughts that I have had.  

Its funny how many posts I have seen that start out  "I usually don't comment or "do"  POLITICS on my FB page or xyz...whatever they may be talking about but then there is a big "BUT" and their opinions that they could not keep in ...anymore.... and roll out the details.   This is because we have the most unusual candidates with the most jaded personalities EVER.  People appear to be confused and disgusted with everything that is going on.    BUT STILL REFUSE TO VOTE ANYTHING BUT "D OR R." 

The stress that is there ...the commercials and ads and news reports ...all make me wonder about the REAL FUTURE of our Country and I don't think I am alone.  WHY DOESNT AMERICA VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE?   WHY NOT "I" / independent party members WHY NOT "write in the best candidate" on a grass roots movement.  The answer to all of that is quite simply "MONEY"  there is no money to get the word out/ advertise and educate the American Public.  Most people feel that this is the "wrong" vote.  

I learned a lot about "politics" and how things are in the world being married to a politician for a while.   I watched, silently (for the most part) as I watched the inner workings of things.   I also watched and listened as I visited conventions on the local, state and national level.  The most recognized people that I watched / listened to during that time period was  "Bill Clinton & Tim Kaine."   But watching people and listening people didn't teach me nearly as much as watching the other people that were there listening, clapping , nodding and stating their opinions.

The most important thing I learned about politics that I never knew before or didn't recognize or notice .... was that many people find or hang on to a "single issue" in most cases and vote according.   It really doesn't matter what the person running for office has done, says,  how they present , talk or anything else.   Our two party system divides people on party lines and anything other than those two parties "R" and "D" are considered a "wasted vote"  because anyone else will "NEVER WIN."

So in a nutshell ..... a person could tell me the "issue" that they are most concerned about and I could tell you how they vote.   Not only that ... a lot of the time , if you tell me the "profession" of the person / voter ,  many times I can tell you who they are voting for "R" or "D" without even knowing the PERSON that is running.  

I have found its not about the PERSON at all.   Obviously they can be "deplorable" in their personal lives,  hot headed, insulting, racist, suspected of criminal activity (as long as not convicted felon),  repulsive,  male/female,  black/white, it really doesn't matter... what matters is the SINGLE ISSUE that is important to the VOTER!

Now I am not talking about those that are FAR LEFT OR FAR RIGHT...those people are really the minority.  Most Americans I know are not FAR anything ...except FAR OUT and removed from the inner workings of politics and like me,  were not "in the know" about what really goes on.

Before I go any further I want to say.... do you ask yourself why "celebrities" are all promoting "CLINTON?"  do you ask yourself why Christians are all promoting "TRUMP?"  Does that sound like oxymorons waiting to happen?      YES the disparity and irony in it all....... the bottom line is MONEY and SINGLE ISSUE VOTING .... monkeys could be running as long as the "D" or "R" party hangs the sign around the persons neck this is where the rally begins.

CELEBRITIES BELONG TO A UNION (SAG) that regulates their pay.

Christians and Christian Thought  (AKA PRO LIFE)  are funded by "R"

that is just one simple example.....the list goes on and on.  I have known several people that BELIEVE in the issues (majority) of one party and vote the opposite because that ONE ISSUE funds their paychecks  or welfare checks or ,  or ,  or.......

I always thought and always did go to the polls with "may the best man win" attitude and the overall vote , who the person is, experience, strengths, thoughts etc etc... I am the person that when I state that I may vote  "I" get scoffed at by many other people, then scratch my head and say WTF?

So its really not about the PERSON people so throwing MUDD, Character Assassination ,  exposing candidates weaknesses, REALLY DO NOT MATTER !   I see posts about  all of the skeletons in the closet,  all the character flaws, all the wrong doings and people asking HOW CAN A PERSON VOTE FOR THAT  (FILL IN THE BLANK PERSON)?????? thats because its not about that person.... its about the SINGLE ISSUE that the voter feels is the most important to them and what historically has been a D or an R issue.

I am not sure in my lifetime it will ever be any other way....but it is my hope,  that we will once again have the thought process that the BEST PERSON FOR OFFICE WILL WIN!   

When you go to the polls ask yourself this question... are you voting for a single issue? or the person?


Marianne Laubis said...

The cover of the NYPost, which admittedly, is a rag, shows a woman holding her nose, and says "Vote for whom you hate the least!"

fleur de lady said...

I keep hoping for the day that we do away with the party system and simply vote for people that we like. We need to all show a photo ID and get rid of the Electoral College and simply count the votes of all the United States citizens.

fleur de lady said...

I keep hoping for the day that we do away with the party system and simply vote for people that we like. We need to all show a photo ID and get rid of the Electoral College and simply count the votes of all the United States citizens.

Margie said...

I beg to differ with you. I spent a lot of time reading, learning, investigating, trying to put myself in the place of our forefathers who developed our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And yes praying to the Lord Almighty to help me make the best decision that I could with all the information I had. I'm very happy with the decision I made and yes I voted