Sunday, January 3, 2016

NEW YEAR : 2016

Happy 2016

2016 is here ,  it's a brand new year,  full of hope, resolutions, promises to myself , yourself and themselves!  We celebrated at home New Years Eve complete with Fondue

(was supposed to be a fountain... didn't turn out just right.. up for sale $5!) ,  games, drinks and fun for our family and a few close friends that were invited.

It is also a time for Black Eyed Peas  football and champagne.  None of which were partaken in this year.... new traditions and illness set in.  Instead,  sleep was of the essence and I missed a fabulous shopping trip with my youngest.    I caught some awful gunky stuff that necessitated antibiotics, zinc and plenty of Emergence-C.    My daughter and grandson fought this nasty stuff for the week before so I am most certain that I got it from them....but what ever the case .... I am now on the mend,  I am back to my editing and have a shoot scheduled for tomorrow that I must ...muster the energy to do and to do well...

I started reflecting on all that was "unwell" around me .   I am reading the Happy New Year on Facebook but I am also reading and extraordinary amount of illnesses, tragedy and needs of people that I love in some kind of "situation beyond their control."  Including myself that was sick enough to "put me down" for a bit. I have no room at all to complain, moan , groan or utter any "inconvenience" in the pale comparison to my buddies and their personal pains.    So for this year ... I am going to say I am very thankful (cough cough, sniff, sneeze, gimmee - nyquil voice).... VERY.

I live a peaceful life in general and have nothing to complain about. All of my needs are met and my illness does not require any surgeries, or long term prognosis.  Hell my torn tendon finally even healed (THANK GOD FOR THAT!) ... and I am also knocking on wood.  I have been able to make people smile or try my best to, for a modest living ... what more could a person want ...really?   

I have no resolution to make this year.  I have no vice that I feel the need to vow to fix.  Sure I could lose a few pounds, I could procrastinate less, I could do a lot more things to help others (and I will),  I could do a lot more to make myself better (and I will) ...but I have no need or feel the need to proclaim it  out loud.

Some of my dear friends have (in the past few years) chosen a word  "of the year" instead of making resolutions.  Some of the words I have seen are "evolve" "love" "peace" "ignore" "forgive" "adventure"  and I am inspired by each of the words that they choose and its fun to see how they "use" those words in their own unique personal ways and how different that same word impacted me.   So no words to puzzle or confuse the year for me.   I don't want to be accountable... call me lame... but it takes the pressure off.

Instead I just want to do.  To act.  To reveal my personal silent promises to my self ,  in such a way that no words are needed,  my actions always speak louder than my words.   

I only hope that I don't disappoint..... myself.

Photo Credit:  Photos By Anjie :  Anjie Kay VA BEACH PIER

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