Friday, September 11, 2015

This date in history....... 911

I think everyone that I know has thought about, talked about , posted about , or blogged about 911 almost all if not all of the anniversaries of that date.  

I haven't blogged about it..... so it is time.

It was September 11, 2001   I don't know the time of the morning but it was morning and Kelly was in school.  Both of my older daughters had moved out and married by this time.  I had not gotten out of bed yet... I was up until 3 a.m. the night before working on some things in my office and had only been asleep a few hours.... I was groggy.....

My ex-husband , my husband at the time, had gotten home from taking Kelly to school that morning (she never rode the bus -ever-after elementary school) ..... and he was shaking me saying "Anjie, Anjie I think you will want to wake up and see this."   I am thinking to myself in my 1/2 sleep state.... I doubt I want to wake up and watch the "news" that I could tell was on..... one plane had already hit one of the twin towers and the aftermath was horrific..... I sat up and bed and watched this incredibly captivating reporter (rookie now star) , Ashley Banfield.... covering the case, people running and screaming , sirens , fires, buildings falling .... it was like .... nothing I had ever seen....

I asked quietly,  "what happened" ..... thinking it was some type of accident.

Then the 2nd plane hit the 2nd building , the 2nd twin tower...... it could not be two accidents unless somehow the first accident caused the 2nd?  I didn't know...but the day got worse minute by minute and I don't need to go blow by blow what happened.  We didn't forget.  None of have or did I am sure.

But what we might have forgotten is the fear, the sorrow, the confusion, the unity and the support we all had for our country, our service heros and military.  Many of our young men were standing in lines to sign up for the military that never had a thought of it before.  I am ashamed to say that I stared and was scared of a middle eastern couple on a plane I took shortly after but this is true, I began to not trust people from the middle east.... because of the clandestine way the hijackers lived and learned among us.... I thought maybe they all are...?  I don't know but I am sure I wasn't the only one that had a temporary lack of common sense in that area...but .... that happened.

We have remnant reminders all over the place .   And every 911 there is a moment of silence, a memorial , a somber something that we all say "we will never forget" ..... and we don't  and we rekindle that "unforgiveness" and "anger" and "sorrow" and memorialization of those that lost their lives under the face of the most evil of people .    A person that commits suicide .... because they are brave cowards..... they accept the mission to hurt and kill and make history for pleasure or reward ....

I will never understand how one becomes or is convinced to end their life in this manner... and leave behind everyone ..... and change the future and history of the world.

The Date is even ironic.... 911.....our emergency number.....I wonder how many people dialed those 3 numbers that day...

I saved the newspaper ...either 911 o 912 with the infamous firemen on the front...... did you?

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