Thursday, January 8, 2015

FRUGAL DOINGS: Starting the Year Out Right....

CHEAP EATS ...challenging myself for the month of January with a fist full of coupons, gift certificates, birthday bonus gifts etc to spend as little as possible for food for the month of January.. if you care to watch / follow my cheap eats journey I am doing that HERE on the "frugal freelancer blog" or  HERE on the FF Facebook Page!

Christmas GC !  Sometimes I love Gift Certificates as a gift...special thanks to my online friend , Sherry S. that sent me $75 from one of my Very Favorite Sites HERE  sign on up thru that link &  THIS ONE &  I will get some credit for sending you!   then go sign in with this rebate site  : HERE......  I found a great deal a grill cover (have been needing a new one for a few years) reg. $70 for $34.99...thru in some personal products 

(health and beauty, paper towels etc etc) and ended up paying with paypal (earned money from another rebate site) and getting everything FREE including shipping.... and earning 1% back on entire purchase rebate or $.84  ... hows that for a grand slam!  merry christmas to me! 

CASHED IN FOR SOME SURVEY MONEY....I try to let it build up to a substantial amount at this site because A its been around a while and B I like big checks I cannot lie..... its my favorite survey site....I can consistently earn and cash out here....if you are not a member open a separate survey email account and join HERE and you can do the same I got enough to pay my monthly cell phone (straight talk) bill $50.... this time!  SIGN ON UP! 

Shutterfly has a $20 Credit in my INBOX wooohooo its a "gift" from shopping there over the holidays!  yeahh!  also need to find that free calendar I earned from Shutterfly / my cokerewards and get them done !!   PHOTO DEALS ROCK!  I will pay shipping for both but thats it!   ROCK ON SHUTTERFLY!   THIS REBATE PROGRAM WILL REWARD ME FOR SHOPPING THERE (Shutterfly has a referral program too and so does TREATS if you are not a customer there, send me a note and I will send you a referral ...(need your email addy and first/last name)

HEAT!!!   the weather outside (here and most of the country) is FRIGHTENING and we have a new system going .....small room space heater downstairs and kerosene upstairs.... working pretty well we are warm under the quilts and keeping the house quite comfy...doors closed off in all of the room and opened the door after baking to let the heat escape into the room rather than just get wasted!

Looking into HD ANTENNAE  (thanks Ronnie & Steff)  and ALSO the DUEL heat stove for near future purchases!   ....just thinking ..... may pay for itself in no time hmmmmmm

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