Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Morgan and Vitaly.....September 6, 2014...... Soldiers Lodge VA

This is the Bride & Groom.... from the Russian / Italian union.   The beautiful bride and groom traditional in many senses of the word but so non-traditional in others.  

The coming together of cultures was evident in the spiritual union on the grounds of the beautiful Soldiers Lodge in Cozier Va. 

When I was asked to photograph the wedding I was told there were a few "important" things that they wanted to make sure that was captured on film..... #1 was "the easy part" according to show the immense amount of love between the bride and groom   #2 was the look on the faces of the groom and the father  #3 was their son all of his glory  and last but certainly not least "the dance"  the party, the reception and the FUN ..... they wanted a concentration of those photos most importantly as they were wanting memories of the coming together of the family, friends and oh yea...we must have ...the DEPARTURE the EXIT the "sending off"....

We did it.... we captured all of the important things, the traditional things and a few non - conventional as well.... it was easy.... the #1  ....the easy part stole the show...

Hope you enjoy the slideshow...even the repeats are worth seeing.... I am not deleting any because I don't think  they would want to  miss a thing.....


2nd Shooter:  Debra Reynolds
DJ:  Jerry Strickland
Venue:  Soldier's Lodge:  Cozier VA 

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