Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Daughters......how I see it.......

I have written about and for my daughters throughout the years online and in Christmas letters.
I see many people and a few of my very closest friends write "for their children" and write about fond making memory events in their young lives.   Today's technology is so conducive to recording your child's milestones, funny sayings, photographs and achievements.   Some bloggers have the best baby books EVER ..... as a mother of Adult Children..... one of which was basically raised online .... it is harder to do.

Your child develops an adult self sooner or later and posting the events of their life becomes to our family at least almost taboo ,  or a breech of confidence.   I often fight the urge to write about some trials and tribulations, happiness's and disappointments in "real time."   My adult children and grandchildren say some adorable things, make me proud and disappoint me or deserve a good spanking every now and then too !  LOL ...I just can't tell you about it without making them mad! :) \

I look at them through the same lens's ..... when they are quiet, asleep or taking a nap they are angels... and I want them to eat all of their food,  hurt when they hurt and want to snap my fingers or kiss their boo boos and everything be ok.

I want to post their photos when they grow an inch or lose a pound , just as you mark the same things ...well maybe gaining an inch and pound ..or word or ...just about anything.  I don't however find their bathroom habits interesting or funny and definitely TMI..... in my mind in any situation.

My Christmas letters always highlighted the positives of the year, kind of like the "thankful" "grateful" posts we see on facebook..... almost a brady bunch appearance.... many blogs do the same thing.   They hint at "troubles" but basically avoid them in writing ..... either becoming MIA or putting their focus of their posts on the things they find humorous or entertaining.  

The truth is....and was....just like any other child, children, grandchildren and stepchildren there is always the good the bad and the uglies.....and I have preferred not to hi-light that...even though it is very real.

I have violated a "rule or two" when angry or embarrassed and typed some cryptic meaning to a post or lyric or song that was indicative of "family issues" ....but I haven't ever been a public person that revealed the ugly.....just kept on smiling.

So I guess the point of this post is to be real.....and say....yep I love my kids , I am proud of my kids and I enjoy reading about your kids....enjoy it while you can because one day , what , when and how you write about your kids and photograph your kids changes.... I think it happens to the best of us.... in my case .... it did.... I wrote about them in refund magazines when they were little and many of you have watched them grow up and then basically "fall off the earth"   ...... I am going to try to get better at that....drawing that fine line.....

A proud Mamma..... even though it may not have seemed it at times :)

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