Saturday, September 27, 2014


2012 with my Nikon D90...still a favorite camera

I haven't done a post in a while that gives you photo prompts to post and / or blog about....I kinda miss that.... no scratch that .....i really miss it....even when it is a "chore" and I have to make my sometimes ADD SELF to stay on track and "stick to it" I am glad when I do.    I think it is good for a person to take pause and reflect ...reflect on what is going on THAT MOMENT , THAT DAY IN TIME and record it , if nothing else for nostalgia later.   I need to find a new one to do ASAP  ,  some people call them MEMES ,  I am not sure why.

my dad was a baby in this pic!
I look at old photos and news articles that my grandmother and my great grandmother saved and entries they wrote on their calendars or papers that I have now and am very thankful.   I see them as "people" with thoughts and feelings and stories and sentimental moments and for that I am EXTRA thankful.    Don't get me wrong ....I love my photography and I think I express myself best through photographs but have been validated in the past and some more recent about my I feel that it is imperative that I do both and continue to do both as long as I can.



I struggle to make a living with my photographs, fighting the elements, technology, competition, fads, "owning my own business obstacles", sicknesses, helping my daughter on occasion with my grandson, remodeling this house (3 years into it and still not done) and taking care of a HUGE amount of legal business down south which is still an ongoing struggle (mentally the most, but also financial).    I do what I do when I can and what ever I have to do for the most part.   I am the "YES" girl with the camera...YES .....I shoot ANYTHING....

PHOTO CREDIT:  JACK BELLAMY PHOTOGRAPHY  Duck Dynasty at Bethesda Church in Powhatan

Innsbrook After Hours "Corey Smith"  Concert  2014  photo credit:  Eric Childress 
 Bridal Portrait Shoot 2014  Photo Credit:  Debra "D.L" Reynolds

VCU Graduation for Midlothian or Monacan 2014 ?  Photo Credit:  Pamela Sharp Herring
I love being behind the camera and just in the last 10 or so years have learned to be more comfortable on the other side as well......

So with that being said.....  my behind the camera in my studio..... its that time of year and the studio is up and runneth over with seniors, giggles, music, gum in my trash can and plenty of proud parents.

I am constantly changing and re-arranging the photographs, canvas's ,  outfits and other things in my studio.   for those that have never been in my is a peek.....

this is the "changing room" where everyone gets ready.... just about anything you need right here and a mirror or two

this is where the 'action's at"  this is where we pose, play and move around a bunch of stuff"

WORKING WITH THE FABULOUS EMILY H.  2015 Senior !  Photo Credit:   Mrs. Hoyt!


I am working on  some NEW DISPLAYS  with some FRAMES that have recently come in from the $20 off $20 DEALS that I took advantage of as well.....

SO WHY DO I DO IT?    I CANNOT "NOT" DO IT ...does that make sense?  I often get Writer's Block and become paralyzed and that also happens with the Photography as well.   My life has not always been happy and sometimes no matter how hard I try I can't keep out PAIN AND HURT that comes along the way with Society, Life, Family and / or acts of Nature.    Being who I am that is sometimes in my writings and photography...... or the lack of ...or lack-luster of..... but thankfully that is also what has saved me , distracted me and reminded me that ..... no matter how bad it can get or does get at times....there is always a way out..... grabbing my pen or my camera.......

Recently with the months long injury of my arm....... I am reminded once again how lucky I am to have my health for the most part and my sight ....and my ability to create from the ruins.... which inevitably has created who I am and how I live my life.

I hope that is evident in what I do  and how I do it..... I hope that with everyone I know ...I have created something for you , at some point.....that you can look back and remember and smile.   If not you (for those that hate when I take your picture and create a bunch of drama! LOL) ....then maybe your grandchildren ...or great grandchildren.....just as I have...

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