Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There is so much that I did not blog about ..... this past summer.... I never completely posted the photos and events from the Florida excursion..... the big trip  we took...... but there was so much more to summer than one trip.

I would be remiss not to state out loud how blessed I have been to experience some great times....with great people and great food (the catalyst for any good time in my mind!) 

I tried and succeeded in not hiding behind the camera at many social events and rather participated and savvored some beautiful moments and was actually "in the moment" rather than behind the camera.   Don't get me wrong my comfort zone is behind the camera for sure...and I love making memories and saving the memories for others.... but I tried to be "more" in the moment and a participant rather than the "observer" and I enjoyed the mix .... 

I met new friends and went on several adventures,  not as many as I planned or wanted but .... some very memorable ....and others just plain FUN

I kept my grandson on thursdays.... and inadvertently got to spend time with some awesome friends that also wanted to spend time with the little stinker..... :) 

I didn't get my "annual" time with my older grandchildren , which is a crying shame but I did get to see them for a few nano seconds at the beginning and then the end of summer for some quick hugs, good food and some catch up time.   That just does not compare to the one on one experiences I had with them in the past but ... I will take what I can get. 

I didn't get my visit to the beach ..... or to my BFF pool.... along with many other adventurous trips that were on the agenda but were thwarted due to weather or some other reason but.....
From beginning to end of this "short" summer season we had here in Virginia ....it was packed full of awesome events..... I am thankful to have some wonderful people to share them with. 

Now its time to start my busiest season of the year  September - December and plan some good times in between my heavy work loads.....    I have some FUN events on my calendar already and some ideas of what I would love to do and/or experience.... I hope to make these things happen with some other fun loving friends ...
and my wish is that I am able to blog about and share them here on the net with those that are interested...  <3 font="">


Brandee Shafer said...

I really love that first photo! What is that?

TheFrugalFreelancer.com said...

that is a monument of sorts to all of the states that is outside of the train station in kissimmee florida...this is part of my "unblogged" stuff from this summer.... I have more of this very cool monument ... hopefully will share and blog about later :)