Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Florida .......the WILD life .... Vacation 2014 part 2

the golf dance.....

Sand Cranes on the Green

Golf Courses can be beautiful .....

The Other Side of the Tracks

Sidewalk Find....lots of geckos too but ....

The Road Less Taken....."no carts allowed" ... in the Wild

Eric grabbed the shot of the Buddy Flies.....AWESOME 

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Brandee Shafer said...

Tell Eric I like it that he's dabbling in photography. Wouldn't it be cool/sexy to have him as your second?

I have this dream (re Jim, not Eric). Not gonna lie.

Love you and your critters. Not surprised you got photos of so many b/c Eric's a critter whisperer from way back. It's kinda weird and spooky, but the cool element trumps the rest.