Monday, March 3, 2014

When Life gives you snow....make ANGELS OR SNOWCREAM

OK so we are on snow #4 ? this year.....I am knocking on wood saying they really have not been "so bad" this year although it has been cold, there have been no disasters, no millions of loads of clothes for me to wash / dry and rewash again and again all in the same day.   

No little ones are here this year so ...was easy on the clean up / carpet crushing  incidents.    I had no one walk directly through my yard so the blanket of snow is beautiful.....

I have "gotten out in it" twice but only to do photo shoots of people in the snow

I haven't made a snow man,  I haven't gone sledding but I have had HOT CHOCOLATE and SNOW CREAM!

I have found that people make snow cream in different ways and "swear by a few rituals" with it. 

For me ....I don't eat the first snow and I look closely to make sure I follow Zappa's recommendation of avoiding the yellow stuff.
I make it the same way in that I do all of the stirring and mixing all "by hand with a wooden spoon"   I don't care to have any snow that is "icey" as that makes a better "SNOW BALL or Sorbet" which is a completely different process and type of snow. 

SO FOR THE CREAMERY is how I do it!

a bowl full of fresh snow that has been sitting outside all day getting ready to be made into cream,  I like to use a metal bowl most of the time if its going to sit awhile its kinda like the same idea of prefreezing a bowl to make homemade ice cream (more quickly)

I ALWAYS START WITH CONDENSED MILK , this is the first time I have
used ORGANIC as it was on clearance at Kroger for a great price the last time
I went in!  YEAH!  THATS A PLUS! 

MIX THE MILK IN ANOTHER BOWL ( tupperware type is best) with part of the snow
about 1/2 and pour in 1/ 2 of the milk that you are going to use.  I cannot tell you how I "ratio" or "measure" the amount but sometimes I use two cans of milk if feeding a crowd. 

Add more snow.....


Get out some seasoning  (vanilla and fairy dust above) I have used all kinds of things , from KALUAH to Pineapple to Rootbeer Float, whatever you are in the mood for!  **peach and banana are also good"   HINT :  when using the vanilla get the "good stuff" it will be worth it , as is the ALMOND flavor!   this bottle was drastically reduced to under $5 at Kroger woohooo!  


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Brandee Shafer said...

Oh my lands. I die over the ice cream bowl. The ladies in the snow are lovely: great work!