Friday, February 14, 2014


Valentines Day  and it is snowy and's been that way all week long it seems.
I have been hunkered down and forgot even what day of the week it was.  All I want is my bed, some coffee, snow cream and to bake.  I turned the oven on pre-heat once again and decide "what is next?" 

I am not moving the scale as quickly as I wanted to and this innate feeling and desire to nest and hibernate comes every time the snow and sleet start falling from the sky.  I have no ambition to go out and play in the snow, all of the kids are grown and gone and truthfully I don't even know if all of the kids "disks" are gone or still under the house.  It has been a few years since I have used them. 

There is no Snowman in my yard....just the remnants of summer that should have been stored and kept out of the winter weather to preserve their beauty and extend their life.  Just like me the summer fire-pit, table chairs, planters and decorations deteriorate when left out in the cold.     Mother nature is pretty .....and the ice and snow are too ,  FOR A MINUTE .  The calls come in and my jobs are canceling.  I don't drive well in the snow and I am more of a hazard so its best that I stay home anyway and those that do not cancel I will reschedule as well.

I try to get things done, like laundry and dishes and watering the plants.  I run the vacuum cleaner and scrub a toilet or two while the electricity is still on.....much to my delight....this time has stayed on and

I was able to recreate that divine coffee cake that I was introduced to last week.....  I paid the bills by phone or online and bought a few gift certificates too.... to my favorite restaurant El Cerra Azul 
but I have yet to mail that package,  I have not finished editing the photos and I have not lost my goal weight but I will continue to try

BEFORE THE SNOW STARTED .....I had a FEW JOYS...........

The entire week has not been a total loss.....I was able to once again meet and photograph the beautiful, smart and graceful,  Lady Cardovan with the Virginia Woman's Club reception.

And go to the "by the lb" store twice with the BFF Denise...both times I scored needed items for myself as well as a few items for craigslist / ebay or resale of some sort....this one print ^^^ was a bonus item in a bin I bought that I have up for sale along with some other things.  Hopefully I can recoup the money I spent on the outings and have gifts and joys for others and a few things for myself as well.  (post on The Frugal Freelancer about the first visit)

I watched some amazing Black Hawks make a practice run for MED VAC and photographed the event and amazing first responders (that by the way NEED volunteers)  ...COMPANY 1
and made my way to my GF house a few times

AND NOW ITS VALENTINES DAY and the CARDS and CANDY have been bought and the wine is CHILLING but.... the restaurant reservations are canceled as I only feel like staying HUNKERED DOWN....

I have a list of things I need to do and coupons that are sitting in a pile expiring because I just don't get out in this weather , this beautiful even in mother nature that sucks the vitamin D right out of me and hibernates me under the blankets and my brain wants to read and my body wants to be weightless in the hottest water that I can stand with a great smelling bath ball ...dissolving and embracing my body.
my paternal great grand parents

I wonder how they celebrated VALENTINES DAY in the "olden" days,  the days in which my great grandparents were together with their 13 children ^^^ I need to look that up.....

When there were children in my house there was always celebratory cards, breakfast in bed, excitement, stuffed animals and candies and toast cut out with cookie cutters in heart shapes or "i love you" notes and conversation hearts all over the house and maybe even a meatloaf baked in a heart shaped pan.  (I threw out my heart shaped pan recently, it was rusty and tattered....sadly it had seen its better days)   I tried to make all holidays special for them in all ways.....  and this cartoon posted by my friend, SUSAN ,  closely depicts what it was like most of the time, with at least one of the many kids that I babysat and / or raised to some degree.....

In this season of my life things are calmer, but I seem to have more to do than ever.  I cannot get motivated to get everything done that I need to and / or complete each task in a timely manner. Rather I procrastinate and miss deadlines like crazy and the holidays feel minimized.... Children truly do keep you young....maybe babysitting again should be something I consider...

I do have a SNOW flag flying this Valentines Day.  The old Valentines Day flag is MIA, but the smaller love flag is flying in the snow covered island in my front yard.  Its struggles to be noticed amongst the summer items scattered about the ice and snow.....its pink and red somehow seem out of place , just as the wind chimes and planters do...that will have to struggle to make it to their next seasons in the sun.    

Note to self:  buy a new valentines day flag and tomorrow go buy some candy on clearance

My phone is silent today, everyone is celebrating "love" in their own way with their own sweethearts and the people making deliveries and trying to get to work in the cold, bitter Virginia Snow are more determined than me.  

I get on facebook and am amazed by the amount of weddings and anniversaries that are being celebrated.  A few of them of many many years and a few of them that are newly wedded or even getting married this very day.    **CONGRATS BRYAN AND JULIE****

Last Year I actually photographed a VALENTINES WEDDING of the beautiful Sherry & Dan
they found each other later in life.....and found each other for the rest of their live's .  Their love was their aura and their happiness depended on each other.   

This year,  well,  this year,  I am not in the mood for a SNOW ANGEL but I am in the mood for a SNOW VALENTINE....... anyone?   

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