Friday, January 31, 2014


Hey there everyone......out there in the blogosphere that are setting your february goals.....

January there was a "word" and February's word is "goals"  I have several  (wish me luck)

  1. get caught up completing photography shoots
  2. get bills in the dated organizer so I am not late on them
  3. get the legal issues all resolved or deadlines postponed
  4. learn some conversational spanish .
  5. drop 8 lbs (2 lbs per week)
  6. get in better shape
  7. visit the "by the pound store"
  8. catch up on all of the "dates" / rainchecks from January due to weather
  9. Get Kelly and Tori their respective maternity / snow senior shoots
  10. complete my Grandmother's estate
  11. Help Wanda get lungs
  12. Mail Rachel package
  13. sign up for more "shops"
  14. enter more contests
  15. win the lottery
  16. figure out what to do for lent
  17. Reserve / Trade my Timeshare
  18. maintain my water / soda intake and continue to try to eat more healthy.
  19. make a new will

NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER ^^^^ but those are the target goals .....and I'm off  and running ....  

I was going to "link up" with some other blogs on this post but decided that was too much "responsibility" and instead , Im taking baby steps and trying to get my life organized 4 hotspots are chaotic ...which makes my brain chaotic.   I will attempt one spot at a time ....

:)  I will update this!  :) 

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