Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bucket List and Help Wanted please!!!!!

HOLA!   I have a favor to ask........ could all of my friends/readers/enemies and family please sign up for 1 free week (and confirm with your email***<<<<
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You see my bucket list ...... the first thing on it and "it" enables other things on the bucket list to be accomplished is that I learn SPANISH!   I want to do it for several reasons.... the # 1 thing is  I want to understand people around me that are speaking it which grows more and more by the day.

I have visited latin speaking countries a few times and plan on going again ........ and again.

In the mean time I am picking up a few words at a time and spending a small fortune at our local restaurant "El Cerra Azul"  this past week I learned how to say "milk"  and this process of word by word could take YEARS.   I want Rosetta Stone but right now its just not in the budget, the bank or the upcoming bank for a bit as some car "pieces and parts" are needed and took that front burner.


as you can see I also know how to say: margarita, lime, many foods and blue mountains... :)   now ...... I need to learn more and at a most expedited pace.... thanks for your help!

thank you