Friday, January 3, 2014

2014...... Happy New Year..... WORD!

My girlfriend, (BRANDEE)   chooses  a "word" for the year rather than a resolution.  Her word for this year is to "ignore" ...... I decided that this was a wonderful idea and decided to adopt the "word" to follow me through 2014.....

my word will be......


Downsize everything in my life,  my responsibilities ,  I am going to slim down what I own , what I want, what I expect, my body size and my indulgences.   I am going to DOWNSIZE everything and take some of the pressure off of myself.

The DOWNSIZING won't stop there... I am also planning on downsizing my blogs , I have too many to keep up with and I am doing so many things in so many directions I am not doing my best at any one thing.  Therefore I plan on merging all of my blogs with all of my "lists" and social media outlets into ONE GREAT SITE.   This has been in the works for a few YEARS but 2014 will be the year that this is actually completed!

You would think that having an EMPTY nest now, that my life would automatically have gotten more simple.... that is just not the case.    My life has taken the twists and turns (unexpected and expected) and it has not been an easy past 3 years.   In fact they have been the hardest years of my life.   My ventures or adventures (however you want to look at it) have affected me, my lifestyle and the way I think about myself and the people around me,   it also has offered me the opportunity to  WRITE A BOOK that I never thought I would do.   NOT the book on frugality and how to incorporate  it into any lifestyle (which was my original intent) but a fiction / memoir book that tells the sordid tales of my life .   I didn't think my life was that interesting,  different yes , but not the makings of a best seller,  well that has changed.   I have to complete the first two chapters soon.  They are in my head and I think about them constantly.

My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word
BOOK ^^^^ on the subject !

So as I downsize the "things" around me , myself,  my stress and my responsibilities I also aspire to INCREASE the amount of things I learn and think about.   I think when I make room for the NEW ideas, thoughts and experiences, they will be bigger and better than before!

Wish me luck on my journey for 2014.

What is your word(s)?


Jamie Attal said...

You have helped and inspired so many I hope your Downsizing and your book makes for a wonderful 2014 and many many years to come. I have to honor to work with you on operation Santa many years ago and was so blessed to see how many wonderful lives you have touched. Your generosity has never left my thoughts and I try to continue my RAOK that I probably would have never thought of if not for you.
Take Care and you deserve the Best
Jamie Attal

Brandee Shafer said...

"Downsize" is a great word, and I'm trying to do that, too, in terms of stuff. (It's a never-ending battle.) For me, the joy in this is getting my unwanted, extra stuff to people who want it.

BzyMom said...

I love this idea and heard about it a few weeks ago. My word this year will be MOVE. Move forward, move my body, move people with help and kindness. So MUCH I can put into this word and my life this year focusing on this word. It overwhelms me. I hope as great a word next year!! Wish me luck on my move forward this year!!