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I am kind of anal about the English language........... but there is a problem with that.   #1  it gets on people's nerves when you correct them..........out loud............. even if no one else is around.  Unless you are an ENGLISH TEACHER or the GRAMMAR POLICE or a PARENT you should not concern yourself with other people's grammar, word pronunciation (or lack of),  or misspeaking.   My brain tells me that but also a million bells and whistles happen in my head and my skin gets goose bumps when I hear certain things, certain verb tense issues or dialectic differences.............. but only in certain places and certain words.

I particularly am annoyed when I hear them (my pet peeves) and the speaker is a Lawyer, Teacher, College Student or people that I love.   Why?  I don't know why.  I also don't know why some words get on my nerves more than others.  

Some of my pet peeves:
NEW ORLUNS VS  NEW ORLEENS  (first one is right)

Valentines Day  VS   Valentimes Day

"th" pronounced "f"   such as "birthday"  vs  BURFDAY


Double negatives :    "I don't got any" 

I love to play word games.  I want to learn Spanish.  I took 4 years of French and don't remember much.  I hate "punctuation"  (SURPRISED? LOL)  and I hate ALEX T.  being unfair about "allowing and disallowing" slight mistakes on Jeopardy. LOL..... he is the NAZI if I am the police :) 

They say that "words can never hurt me" in that infamous sing song retort to the bully calling names.  They are lying.  If someone tries to convince you of that ,  I believe its because they have no "real" answer to tell you.

Some words that people say to you,  even if they don't mean to do this,  stick with me ........ forever.......... and I can replay them at will or sometimes a trigger replays them against my will.......... I wish I could file them away in the recycle bin and dump them as if I were doing so on my computer laptop....... ZIP ZAP GONE....... but no I have one of these active minds that think about words........... a lot.  (punctuation?  not so much) 

I am not sure what my first word was as an infant  or sentence but I know and remember things that I was "thinking" and frustrated that I could not "communicate" verbally enough to make the adult people in my life understand.  I was quite verbal at an early age due to this and inquired about how to say and identify all and everything around me.

Verb tenses and grammar came easily to me.  I was bi-linqual at an early age, I  learned "ebonics" and "english" in my elementary school(s)  as well as my middle school.  I tried to understand both fluently to survive and know how to "ax" and answer certain "qwestions"  or "questions" with my peers and my instructors.

My brother on the other hand had a speech delay and a speech impediment.  He could not communicate at a much later age and I was told my entire life that "he didn't speak because I spoke too much."  As adults everyone knows that his emotional delays were much worse than his speech delays and this was just a symptom that could not scream out more loudly to me......... "the grammar teacher"

My children took to language quickly.   They learned to read at a very early age and learned to speak even earlier, which helped them be completely potty trained at under 1 year and 1/2 (which btw did not give them any long standing psychological fears of the "potty." )   Learning to properly speak also helped them to properly write papers which have served them both well academically.  

Writing essays aka "knowing the English language" enabled me to be the recipient of grant money which helped me put myself through college.  

Words.......... a huge part of our lives.......... do we remember how we learned our words and what they mean?   I don't remember leaning a lot of things....... but I do remember a few words that I learned on the way and why.........

I remember learning the words:

"cracker" in the racial sense
terra firma 
bovine scatology 

What an interesting combination, n'est pas?

All except one (bovine scatology) before the age of 12..... and can vividly remember each circumstance of the learning experience.  

I would be interested in hearing about other people's experience about the actual words they remember learning and the circumstances in which they learned them. 

I also am interested in why people get so hung up on the words themselves and not the meanings behind them........ 

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