Tuesday, July 16, 2013

TREYVON.............no last name needed


 I , like everyone else,  have an opinion on most things and express them sometimes "loud and clear" and "other times not at all, because there is no "good purpose."  For this blog post ..... this is one that I feel has a purpose.  To ask you to VOTE.......... yea...... the trevon trial is political ..... just like everything else in life.  politcal ?  yes   racial?  I don't think so........ its CLASS RELATED and you can define "class" however you like it, it fits on many levels.

I am a trial watcher.

Racial slurs do not make a trial "racist" or a "race related trial."  Racial slurs are commonplace in video games, music and movies not to mention some "sports."  Our society is "race related" .

Being and "empath"  I watch trials as if they are about me.  I am the victim , the accused, the prosecution and / or the judge or the sister's sister.  I am whoever I relate the most to in the trials.
This is NOT how to view a trial.  You don't view it has "I am white, so my experience must be like his" that is a very wrong way of thinking.  You must think of it from the aspect of the LAW to decide if "justice was done." Not "how would I feel if this were me."

Having sat through many many many trials from the murder 1 in Richmond to the shoplifting in Chesterfield, to J&D ,  I have had my share of trials.   I know some things from experience and other things I am still learning and I started this journey to work in law of some capacity since 1992.   I don't work in the system any longer, but I still have my degree, I still have an above average peak of interest in it, and ....... an opinion, a personal one.  They are all different.  Just like every person in that courtroom that is "working" or "volunteering"  no matter where you sit on that particular fence you have to take the emotion out as much as possible and look strictly at the cold hard facts.

It becomes a battle about words, words that evoke emotion no matter how you mask it, they do.

photo credit:  esquire.com

They will tell you it is about "treyvon" , justice for "treyvon" but those that knew "trevon" say he was peaceful.......... and was attacked........... so......... if that is so is it about "trevon" to go against what he stood for?

What would have changed in everyone's mind,  if Treyvon would have had a gun?  I know he didn't and he was unarmed but Zimmerman did not have that information when he was following him , ducking in bushes.  For all that man knew this "kid" could have been an adult carrying and automatic machine gun.  That is not "over the top thinking" if you read the news or caught the information about the break ins that had been happening in the area.  ............... everyone is saying Z had a mission with his gun....... yes he did feel a bit more secure knowing he had one........ maybe empowered a bit.... but would he have been? if the "kid had been toting a bigger , badder version?"  would people then have called Z ,  brave? rather than "ego driven?"

I have nothing against Treyvon, I am sorry he died and couldn't tell his own story and I am sorry the confrontation was ugly that he and Z had. ............ and my heart BLEEDS for his parents.......
Do I think justice was served?  no.  I think NOTHING can make their hurt go away, not even the million dollars+ they have rec'vd for wrongful death.     NO nothing will make them feel better and there is no justice , not even if Z had been convictd would I have seen it as "justice."

Will Z feel better?  he has been publicly criticized for trying to protect his community. he has lost work time .  He owes lots of money to lawyers.  He is now a recognizable public figure all over america and doesn't appear to want to be.  He is in hiding.   He will live with the killing of this boy for the rest of his life.  He will not be able to separate the names from each other again.... trevon and zimmerman ....... and as the prosecutor said "the blood of trevon will forever be on "Z"'s hands."

there are many people in high profile trials that go back to their lives with "not guilty verdicts." and then there are those that are guilty of this much or more that never even get to trial.  I know and have worked with both.   There are ALWAYS angry people, no matter what the outcome but how they choose to show their anger usually indicative of the "class" not "color" of the victim.

Why do the people in our country that are breaking things and hurting others think in any remote way that this is justice for "trevon?"   how do those things make sense at all?   the do not..... its not about TREYVON...... its about anger and inciting those that are easily incitable , redirecting anger to produce results that if they are given......... is like the child throwing the fit and learning that is HOW you get your way.......... you hurt others, make them too miserable, make the news, threaten others...... yea thats "justice" alright........... but not for TREYVON  ....his justice went to the parents that lost their  ason , their million plus....... the justice for Z on the other hand is ...Hell on earth for the rest of his life.. no matter what he does. :(

thats how I see it........ wrong or right.......... I don't see this as RACE CASE........its a case.. about public vigilante in response to rampant crime in the area being UN resolved by the police force.
and the prices everyone had to pay .  :(

Its sad yes, but to the court watching , high profile case watcher, worker, and interest monger......... it was justice, it turned out because there was  BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT .....thats the question..... was there ANY doubts?   I say yes, many , and for that reason he is not guilty.

I vote.  Do you?   if not............. please do vote.

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