Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Photo a Day Challenge #15 : 7 o'clock

May Photo a Day Challenge  #15  :   7 o'clock

every night........... almost every weeknight this is what is on my television set........ I pay the occasional attention and solve a few and a few stump me........ but this is what is on every night if I am home in the background............  "i'd like to buy a vowel" and "1/2 a car" make sense to me..... they are familiar phrases :) lol.......... its funny how a "time" evokes sound from me and whats going on..... the spinning of the wheel.  I will never be a player on televison of this game , I would loose :)  this image  ^^^^ was cool flying in a helicopter to the canyon , it kinda "spoke" to us..... something familiar....... amongst the strange......   the cards that I used to "read" had a special card to represent this image as well...... "the wheel of fortune." It was a good thing unless your particular wheel was upside down.  :) I guess there is an irony in all of it.  I would like to play on a game show one day and win an outrageous amount of money but I haven't found the one i would be good enough at to compete ........ yet. right now they do have a contest going that you can play online, you fill out a questionaire and then if you can remember, (before 7:00) you solve a puzzle and if they announce your "special number" you can win $5000 or sometimes more.  I have registered but I haven't played ........ my wheel has been cock eyed lately and I haven't been winning much, maybe this is one I should play?

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