Monday, May 6, 2013

May Photo Challenge Day #5 : PAPER

Ever Since last August I have been inundated with Paper(s) that were in no particular order that chronicled the life of my Grandmother of 91 years old when I adopted it.

  When I saw this prompt I thought to myself ........"this should be easy smeasy."  It wasn't.  Just the day before I took the photo above of 2 of the items that came in the mail with return envelopes and little sticky things that told me where to sign and / or date or both.  

 I am supposed to write my name with a pen to satisfy someone elses' requirements.  I have gotten letters from Dr.'s , lawyers,  insurance companies, and so on...........yea its very important stuff, like I am a VIP or something for a moment.  Then I sign it....

 I had paperwork dating all the way back to the 1940's.   I had paper-work that someone at some point thought was important and most of it went to the dump, in the back of a pick up truck on its journey back and fourth 6 times and that still wasn't enough. I continue to press on and wade through this paperwork trying to make heads or tails out of what to do, when to do it , what not to do and how much everything cost(s).  Most of the time the signatures require a notary seal, a seal, saying that the person that was with me........ saw me sign it and knows that I am who I am via a photo identification and once again, I need to change that..... my identification........ what a job that is, it requires a lot of 

love that part

 I sign them and if I did it "just right"  then I then just get filed away and forgotten.  They got what they wanted or needed from me, I did what was required on my part.  

like the IRS

Oh unless of course I owe money or time or something else THEY NEED, then I will get more of the same.......... 

Otherwise....... and Usually....... I am just put in a file....... another form of paper.

I miss the days when my biggest concern with paper was playing "paper, rock, scissors"  or  making paper dolls from the Sears & Robuck Catalog with my Great Aunt
that ............either would be the picture I would rather have on my page today... 


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Fern said...

Anjie it's times like these that I am thankful my father chose not to give me the responsibility of taking care of his business after his death. Grief is hard enough without paperwork requirements, time requirements, and other requirements. My heart truly goes out to you. You have suffered more than your share of grief recently. Even the joyful day your daughter married invokes a type of grief. We are so happy to see our children happy and starting a new life, but it also changes our life tremendously and we must grieve what once was. I support you for continuing your journey with joy and with a smile on your face :)