Thursday, May 2, 2013

MAY 2: Photo Challenge......Morning Rituals

I have a morning "ritual" just like everyone else does, and over time it has changed and changed and changed.   A few things that haven't changed.... I like a little "time" in the bed once my eyes pop open (for what ever reason) .... I have to go straight to the bathroom when my feet hit the floor , grab some good toothpaste and scrub.... nothing else can be done no matter where I am before those teeth get brushed for sure.  (this is one of the many reasons I could never do survivor, I could not go one day without teeth brushing!)

As a child, I slept through many alarm clocks and knocked a few onto the floor to break.  I had to "get myself up" everyday and get myself to the school or the bus stop in the dark by myself.  (and I better not wake anyone else up with a blow dryer or dropping something on the floor or cooking anything ).  So as soon as I could do morning ritual was to "sleep in" as much as possible and when I did get up make as much noise as possible as there was no one to bother with such anymore.  (I found out my sister rebelled the same way and has the same horrible memories of being slapped around for turning on the blow dryer while getting ready for school)

As my responsibilites changed and I had to be at work at 7 a.m. that also changed my routine again get up at 5 a.m. and sometimes 5:30, make lunches  and grab coffee and quiet time before the "house" woke up and I needed to drive to either PHS or Blessed Sacrament every morning to drop off one or more students that needed to go to school before I could officially start my day.  

As my life has come full circle and I am now sleeping in as much as possible.  I usually get up around 8:30... but if I have to I get up sooner or later.... depending on what the day has in store for me.   I don't like paying too much attention to time and or day of the week if I can help it...... I like "just being" ..... being the change..... 

The exception is.... I will always (as long as I have them) have to run to brush my teeth. AND COFFEE we can't forget the JAVA! ;)


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