Wednesday, October 10, 2012

REPOST from oct 25 , 2011...... have you been BOO'D?


Its kind of sad that this year my oldest 2 grand kids won't be here to participate in our Halloween Fun, We have been spoiled the last few years and had "trick or treat" on the weekend, which allowed them to come up and have fun at LA LA and ODADDYS house.  This year, they are staying home and trick or treating in their own neighborhood.   Caleb (my favorite 4 year old) came to stay with us last weekend and we started a BRAND NEW TO US HALLOWEEN TRADITION.............. "BOO'ING!"  I had read about this on another bloggers page .........that I met at our Sweet Tea Social

I got all excited about dressing up in BLACK CLOTHING / HOODIES and HATS and wandering through the NEIGHBORHOOD to find some UNSUSPECTING RECIPIENTS That "maybe?" WOULD PARTICIPATE  ...........You see we just don't have a "high" participation rate in things around here for some reason?............. BUT I WAS INSPIRED THESE POSTS explaining WHAT THIS IS , HOW TO START THE TRADITION and  BY FARMGIRL PAINTS BLOG POST

HOW COULD IT BE that I am almost 50 YEARS OLD and NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING?  I have really been missing out! This is a perfect thing for me to do as I collect "halloweeny" things for next to nothing with my FRUGAL / AFFRUGAL way of living , Coupons and deals, this would be a FUN and INEXPENSIVE new tradition that can be done ANYTIME in the month of OCTOBER cool!   :) 

CALEB is 4 and he was SO EXCITED to do this but insisted he carry the PITCH FORK , JUST IN CASE THERE WERE "BAD GUYS OUT THERE" .............. We carried him around, hid behind trees, tripped, laughed, accidentally blew our truck horn and , well we thought we were sneaky, but I bet the recipients have a good idea who boo'd them.............well especially now that I have blogged about it! LOL..............

HAVE YOU BEEN BOO'D?   DO YOU BOO?  comment or write me if you like and share your Halloween traditions!  This was a new one on me!  (and I loved it!)

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