Tuesday, October 2, 2012


******I had a FRUGAL week, almost just like any other frugal week............... and I thought i would share my experiences with you............here are some of my "tips and tricks" for the frugal life of living lavishly for less!*******
  • made my own laundry detergent with items on hand
  • used rubbing alcohol to make glass cleaner items on hand
  • filled the dishwasher extra full and did not use the dry option x3
  • turned off most lights and replaced as needed with longer lasting FREE lights that I have collected (ie stockpiled)
  • Mystery Shop x2 - FREE DINNERS + lunch packings (doggie bags)
  • got accepted into a HOUSE PARTY for planters (looking for a few cyber guests too let me know if you can join via skype?)
  • rec'vd 6 gifts in the mail that I used "christmas cross of deals to order for free or almost free"
  • extended my "onhand items" to lower my usual $40 week bill to eat, drink, clean and beauty supplies to reduce this weeks spendings to $32 after coupons
  • $1 taco night
  • ordered 20+ freebies
  • ordered 2 gifts for Christmas Cross off
  • gave a bday present from earlier GDA out of pocket NONE   RAOK
  • gave a gift to my daughter for engagement
  • got a time share property (just paid the transfer fee)
  • drove as little as possible ,  used as little as possible lights and electricity...........called for credit for phone being down 6 days (land line)
  • Got free blooming onion for online survey
  • Got free blooming onion / outback for waiting too long in line *using gc to pay
  • Networked for a few barter items / time 
  • Merchandising 1 store
  • Sent a card to a friend for NADDA out of pocket expense......priceless  RAOK
  • collected check for consignment items
  • made goodwill donation for tax purposes and gifting  ............priceless RAOK
  • Printed several online coupons for future use that I know I will use
  • used stamps from QUAD reporting to mail letters
  • booked 2 photo shoots / freelance
  •  printed movie screening passes for "date night" with my honey
  • made plans to take one of my "adopted" daughters out for her bday...... with GC! :)
THATS ALL THAT I CAN THINK OF RIGHT OFF HAND ................. but I am busy thinking of more ways to do the same!

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