Monday, May 28, 2012

a few more finished spots.............

 Major cleaning is still needed in my kitchen , it has been surface cleaned and all of the fridge has been cleaned out top to bottom and everything else (dishes / pots / nicknacks etc........ all in the dishwasher for deep clean) junk drawers cleaned and inventory of what I have need is being made...........the dishwasher was missing 2 screws that held it 'steady" in its place, bulbs replaced and now have added this super cool magnetic dishwasher art for my dishwasher from  APPLIANCE ARTI COVERS  
  You can order one RIGHT NOW for your fridge, dishwasher or counter tops etc now thru the link I have above and save 30% with code is: SAS30OFF

TODAY I saw a sale you can get $40 for $20 for APPLIANCE ART USE HERE  (memorial day deal)
10% Off Your First Mamasource Deal Purchase With Code: MAY10  
I got in on a similar deal a while back and bought myself the one pictured above and one for my GF (SUSAN, KAREN, KELLY ) too............. 
I even uploaded one of my own photos for a dishwasher cover for my daughter, Kelly,  my bee picture on a daisy that my other daughter has framed in her house.   I ordered one for my besties : karen and susan and am waiting for pics to upload and share now!   I just love gives a unique finished look to an otherwise plain dishwasher!  :) very cool..... my girl Allison will appreciate the one I got as she collects X's and O's!   SUSANS will be posted on my FACEBOOK PAGE HERE

One finished shelf.......... N'awlins...........

This is the one of four finished shelf's that I have cleaned and rearranged all of the items on it , it has a mardi gras/ n'awlins theme as you can see, I have 3 more shelves to go!  I am going to reorder the pull down shades and have "words" printed on the bottom of each (will update as I do this)  to show "imagine" and "dream" and "believe" and ALL THE IMPORTANT STUFF.......... STAY TUNED for that, also missing several SCREENS on the back of these windows.....(WTH? how does that happen?) that I need to replace and a rotten back door complete with rotten framing that needs to be replaced and outdoor valance to keep that from happening again in the future............I think I can get away with just washing the valances and keeping them all Thank Goodness!

This is the "cubby" hall entrance to my downstairs......... I have a CANVAS PRINT that I got at a DISCOUNT  thru the SAME SITE HERE  (memorial day deal) 10% Off Your First Mamasource Deal Purchase With Code: MAY10

I have a PURSE hanging on the door made by one of my favorite artists ever,   (katherine collection) bought on ebay a while back.....I am still working on this area.........its not complete but its "getting there."

    Here is another CANVAS I had made of my GRANDSON, CALEB, making a heart with his fingers.........its 16x20 and hangs above my stairs, its PRICELESS

THEY HAVE $100 CANVAS PRINTS RIGHT NOW FOR $30  the photo was taken of my statue that resides at EL CERRA AZUL until I can find a replacement for them!   ANYONE KNOW WHERE A CERAMIC OR RESIN STATUE CAN BE FOUND OF A mariachi player at a decent price?


This butcher block table is in the center of my kitchen I have a few items on it that I have gotten deals on / gifts / freebies etc......... I love the new Runner on there (gift from Susan R. xoxox) it really looks awesome!  :)   This is one thing that is not in disrepair.... thank goodness, just had to add some oil to it!    :) on to more work will post updates as I can!  :)

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