Friday, February 24, 2012

Diaper Rewards............. SAVE YOUR POINTS ...........pampers double deal


Another Reward program that i don't have much access to codes.  PAMPERS REWARDS   An occasional user will give them to me when they are 'almost potty trained' and not saving them any more.  I did these diaper deals like crazy when my kids were little and babysat.    I have gotten many free items from Diaper Rewards over the years.  One of my favorites of all time was a primary color pair  of tennis shoes for my son , who always liked , for some odd reason to carry one around all of the time and even use them as "teething rings" sometimes.  Some of my friends may have some really clear memories of this.  :)

I also understand that many users "don't bother with saving them and "throw them away." If this is "you"   I just want to share that you can go on EBAY and sell these things that are going in your trashcan if you got the notion.   Its a very easy thing to sell on ebay,  YOUR TIME, you don't sell the actual points but your time in cutting and collecting them and the shipping cost is minimal or in my case would be free as I earn 10 free stamps every month in a mystery shop like position that pays in 10 collector style stamps each month, cashews 1x per year and a smalll nominal "gift" of $20-$30 annually.  

Start out with Pampers and get 10 free points. USE CODE:   FBPRE9BD99DAY12 to earn 10 free points. Code is valid through 2/26. Then search previous codes here to see whats valid that you can add to get started,  I post updates for free points here and also on facebook from time to time and always open to my readers sharing cods here as well.  

I redeemed my points today from PAMPERS  (again another one that I am not redeeming often but consistently over the years) for a  COOL PHOTO COLLAGE from SHUTTERFLY and paying NOTHING for it SHIPPED.. AND earning points there as well when you share with your friend....Great Gift , right? YES I have made several they are awesome!

this is an example ^^^of one I made a few years ago

here is the info
Amount: 400 Points

11x14 Collage Poster from Shutterfly cost 400 points

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Item Number: 24475
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A growing family means many milestones, celebrations and memories. Shutterfly helps you share life's joy by getting creative with all those pictures. Use your favorite pictures to tell a story with an 11x14 collage poster* printed on archival-quality paper. Select from a variety of backgrounds and styles to match any occasion and include up to 30 pictures plus a personalized caption.
And remember, Shutterfly offers free and unlimited photo storage. We never delete photos and we securely store them at the same resolution at which you uploaded them. Your precious memories are safe with Shutterfly.
The promotional code you receive must be entered on the Shutterfly website by September 30, 2012 to complete your order.

* Taxes, shipping and handling charges apply.

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