Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SWEET 16~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I think when people talk about "sweet" 16 they are talking about it from "memory" and not exactly  "in their place and time" ...... well ........that is how I see it NOW at least.     Faith turned 16 yesterday...... she is adorable, full of drama life and full of herself too.  There isn't a day that goes by that something isn't happening that is devastating life changing around here.   

 Yes, her birthday, we have been talking about it for a year month now and will continue to talk about it for at least another week (she has money to spend and dinners to attend).  The plans have been
schemed planned and replanned / changed and altered to best fit what she thought would be the absolute best of her  possibilities and options.  

They had nothing to do with the CAR I had planned on giving her for her birthday, as most 16 year olds wish to have a car for their birthday.   We have been working on the "zipper" and fixing it up gradually now for a few years.   It isn't exactly ready and it won't be for a while, but she also won't have her drivers license until at least June.   I thought that signing the title over to her would be a great birthday gift so she too could "gussy it up" how she likes it .............. until............ she let me know that we should just give her the car, that she shouldn't have to "put it on a list."   INTERPRETED this means............ "I want something else for my birthday and Christmas not this car that I see sitting here, that should be given to me for "no occasion"  because I am Faith and I am SWEET 16."

She opted for $ instead of the hotel with indoor swimming pool party for 8 girls that I planned for her.   The $250 that we would have spent for that night (yes on a deal of course) went directly into her pocket to be spent on what ever her little heart desires   things like sculptured nails (that I am against), monster drinks, and some other things that she has wanted for a while.   Having money is having a certain sense of no one can tell me what to do freedom at that age.   So she wanted that opportunity.  Yea........... about that.......... I will be making my own posts today to dispel that congratulate her on her wise choices.

I didn't want her birthday to go by with just a fluttering wad of money being spent on a bunch of things she wouldn't have in years to come, so I also bought her and her cousin tickets to see NEVER SHOUT NEVER (along with CD download) in Norfolk next week and planned a family surprise party and cake too!  

I was so happy that Michelle, her gf from school, could make it too with the last minute invitation that I gave her when she inquired about making another party for Faith, because she felt sorry that her heard that the other party was canceled. 

We went to our favorite restaurant, El Cerra Azul and had all of the fixins, singing, laughing, people that love you and 2 cakes.  All of the things memories are made from.  And oh yea......... money....... She was so excited as you can see from the pictures....... I was really disappointed that we (Faith and Butch and I) didn't take a photo together... but Faith said that's "fine just photo shop one"  LOL.........just a sign of the times. "Make a memory the easy way."

I am sitting here now trying really hard to remember my own 16th birthday and can't remember a thing about it. I don't have a photo or a clue what even happened that day .   Maybe I should "photoshop" one?

SWEET 16 (?)


Brandee Shafer said...

You are so funny. And forget STEPmom: you are the best MOM ever. said...

thank you Brandee, that means the world to me! :)

Sylvia said...

You are a Great MOM! Happy Sweet 16 Faith!
I do remember mine..My MOM gave me a KEG party..but that was back in the day :)

Marie said...

First of all want to say
This was are the BEST stepmom! Faith is really fortunate to have you in her life...I hope she knows that.

Believe it or not, I do remember my sixteenth birthday....My parents had a few of my friends over for a little party and I remember my Mom bought me a coral sweater...I thought I was just the cats meow! Times sure have changed, huh?

Susan said...

Great post. You are a great mom. Oh to be 16 again and know all I know now instead of just what I thought I knew at 16. Happy Birthday Faith!!

amweeks said...

I loved reading this! A belated Happy Birthday to Faith. Now I see what I have to look forward 12 yr old already shows signs of all this. But you know that she loves you & really does appreciate everything that you do!

bbsjourney said...

Wow! I am so happy to see now that my (just turned 17) daughter is not the imported extra terrestrial I was beginning to think she was. She's Faiths long lost twin I think! lol Thank you sooo much for sharing this with us. It's so nice to see a different view of what I deal with everyday with a lighter heart. Teenagers are a joy like any child but man can they be frustrating! You and Faith have brought a smile to my face and a new perspective on how to look at things. Thanks again and please tell Faith Happy Birthday!