Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 Just last week, my GF ,  BRANDEE introduced me to this fabulous website / hobby that I hope my grandkids all take advantage of and participate in its called ATC   BOOK HERE   
Apparently I missed the article in FAMILY FUN (additional 15% off code PXCJ1023) that I sub too for about $4 a year!  FULL OF GREAT IDEAS, and one that I missed (how did that happen?)
ANYWAY I started looking into this and OMG there are some great mini works of art out there and who knows the ATC of today may be the work of future Picasso's so hang on to these jewels, and make sure each one is SIGNED!~ 
(links for inspiration HERE and Brandee's blog HERE)
but it sparked something in my GF and her beautiful son, CADE, and they are on a roll!  She is looking for other children that are "into" this that would like to trade, so if you guys want  to also do this contact Brandee through her blog!  I am sure they will not disappoint! 
I have posted the art work of many people in my family , myself and circle of friends in the past.......... and now we have another budding artist that I would like to introduce you to.............. my Caleb.............I think I may have him make a few trading cards and/or transfer his art onto some cards and get this party started!  I may even want to make a few, who knows?

I'm Caleb and I am 4 years Old!

I made LA LA some Flowers............
Some Chalboard Art........... my Halloween Pumpkin and oh yea thats SPONGEBOB to the LEFT

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Brandee Shafer said...

Oh! Awesome! Cade, Clementine, and I have done two trades, already; lmk when you and Caleb are ready! He'll fit right in with all my C's! <3 Love you , Anjie!