Monday, August 22, 2011

ANJIES NEW SYSTEM! :) not a stereo silly........ a COUPON ORGANIZER

I bought an attache case at STAPLES  item # 555695  priced $35.99 ,  I actually bought mine in store and used the 15% off savings pass that I got in the mail.  BE SURE to have your reward # on your online account if you order on line, thats how I got this free savings pass, being an online customer with a reward #.  Staples does have coupons to use online too, if you are not ordering right now , sign up for their emails and if they have a sale or coupon you will know and you can apply it to your order then.  I am sure other stores have similar ones and you may find a better deal.  I like this one as it is ROOMY without being too big and has locking hinges on the side to keep the "lid up" while shopping.

measuring the boxes ..........empty envie boxes worked great
I had to make sure not to interfere with the hinges on the sides and not too tall to block the top from closing, I still may need to tweak this ,   Faith said I should "hot glue" them to the bottom,  I'm not so sure about that .

4 reg. sized envie boxes and one #10 envelop box they are 99cent each at Target

I am using a pampered chef free coupon wallet I got to hold my "cards" and have it tucked away in a pocket
I got these nifty avery small files with tabs as a free sample via snail mail this week
 The AVERY envelopes with tabs were just what i needed to put in coupons that I am going to match with sale flyers .    They are thin and opaque, PERFECT!
manilla folders .........for sale flyers
I labeled some manilla folders with the store names that I shop most often and paired them with the Avery envelopes.  I put these in the expandable pocket in the top of my box.

I made organizer dividers to reflect what I deem the necessary categories, how I shop, everyone may be different!
Some people would file alphabetically, others by store aisle,  I file according the categories I "grew up with" the ones that I know from years gone by........ Everyones will probably be different , you do what works for you!   I paperclipped all of the boxes together so they do not slide around, they are all connected.  there is empty space on the right side of the box so that I can put my keys in the box while shopping.

SNACK BAGS , those little short bags with the purple and pink birds on them are what I am using because I could not find the clear ones at a price I liked, these are clear on the backside, so I put the coupons in to the clear side.  I found these bags for 25cents each at target on end cap clearance.    As you can see I have scissors, pens, paper clips, business cards  etc all in the box.  there is a spot for my cell phone which I can just slip in the case top while shopping.  It doesn't fit well enough to carry it in all the time.  I still want to take a better photo, cover the envelope boxes (maybe with some of that cool new duct tape?) and tweak it to make it "perfect."  Only time will make that happen and USE............. which I plan to get plenty of!

I hope this system works as well as the last is a photo of the last system that my GF tommi is still using as of this post from 16 years ago!


Tommi Brandt said...


Fern said...

Anjie I have a suggestion for you regarding what Faith said about hot gluing the envelope boxes into the bottom of your briefcase. I would NOT do that for a couple of reasons. If you ever want to change your system, then you will be stuck with the way it is without causing damage to your case and/or the boxes (pardon the pun, LOL) and the envelope boxes will wear out eventually and then you will have much difficulty trying to replace them. Instead I would use velcro to attach them to the bottom of the briefcase. That way they can be removed if needed for use or replacement or if you change your system in the future. If you cover them with the Gorilla Duct tape, the boxes should hold up for quite a long time. You can buy velcro strips with adhesive on them at any craft store and I believe Walmart carries them too.

Now I have a request. Could you tell us your categories and how you set up your system. I know we all won't use exactly the same system, but it would give us novices a better idea of how to set it up. THANKS! Fern

bbsjourney said...

Hi Anjie! First let me say Thank You! for sharing all that you do! You've practically been a seragate parent to my 3 girls as much as you've helped me to support them and live better for less :)

I love your new coupon system and am so excited to build one for myself. In reading your post, you mentioned Faith suggested using hot glue to keep the envy boxes in place. I was thinking about it and thought I'd share my idea with you, since you share so much with all of us....What about using velcro strips? That way you could replace the envy boxes if they were out and you'd only have to replace the velcro on the bottom of the envy boxes... said...

WELL GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!!!!!!! thank you TWO for the dual suggestion on the VELCRO!

FERN I WILL BE HAPPY TO DO THAT TOMORROW SOMETIME, I've been crazy busy today , but yes I will share how I separate! :)