Thursday, June 30, 2011


note the belly........ looks pregnant..... but not

I am still taking the supplements mentioned below, eating somewhat normal (not quite as hungry as usual) and have cut down a bit on Coffee Consumption which is easy because of the caffeine supplements.  I have been polling people who in my facebook circle have been successful in losing weight about their efforts and attempts and reading everything i can find about the frustrations  of gaining weight and not being able to lose it.

I am thrilled that for the first time EVER that I have been out of town I have been able to have "normal" bathroom habits, which is a huge improvement for me alone.

I am learning a lot about digestion and enzymes and have been particularly happy to find this article about Cortisol Levels, Thyroid Function and Aging 
The article explains very clearly why I have been having NORMAL thyroid levels for years now and all of the symptoms of an inactive thyroid.  I am so excited that I used ALL of my amazon dollars to order some more supplements which MATCH the supplements my friend Kathy has taken to successfully lose 50lbs.  She did start walking with the introduction of these supplements.  I miss my walking partner (amy)  I need a new one.

I will report more as I know more.  I plan on getting some testing done at the dr. office on July 19th.  I had some high Cholesterol levels (the bad kind) and low levels (the good kind) when I had testing done before fathers day.  THESE ARE SYMPTOMS OF THYROID ISSUES TOO............

My GF ,  Karen,  lost 7lbs this week doing "clean diet"  mostly natural foods............ my other friend, Susan, lost 3 after a few days of the detoxing supplements I spoke about in the last post.  I don't have a clue how much (if any)  I have lost as I have yet to weigh in............but I still wear the same size clothes......... so my hopes are not up.  I am a solid 12 which is way too big for my frame.

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