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I was  a skinny minny  for most of my years............98 lbs soaking wet through high school and through 2 of my 3 children.  When I gave birth to Kelly who is now 23 years old  (I was 26)  I kept "some weight" which I was very happy about at the time.  Over time I gained weight and my metabolism was destroyed.  By the year 2000 I was being asked "what happened" and had gone from my comfortable size 5/6 to a size 9/10.  

In 2002 I detoxed using the DETOX DIET 
I also switched from drinking the FULLY sweetened sodas and straight sugar to diet sodas and splenda.  Eventually I returned to my size 6 by the end of that year and kept the weight off by using this diet every 3 or 4 months successfully until 2006.

I am not sure what happened exactly but in 2007 I got pregnant and gained mucho weight in a short period of time.  Within 3 or 4 months before I miscarried in NOV  I had already gained close to 20 lbs.   By May of 2008 I had not lost the weight but quit smoking and gained an additional 15-20 lbs or maybe even more by now in 2011.  

June 15th ?  maybe I started the DETOX CLEANING program by NATURE SUNSHINE
my initial thoughts:  
if you like apple juice then this flavor would prob. do well with apple juice better than anything I tried
as of today the BEST solution I have is GINGER ALE (not an apple juice fan)  If I had it to do all over again I would def. have chosen the berry flavor and added it to cranberry juice I think that I may tolerate that better or maybe make a smoothie.  I did not weigh myself prior to taking this and I have not changed my dietary habits at all at this point.   I do not like to drink the FIBER PACKETS that come with this product but they do help to make the LBSII be less harsh to your system.  In other words LESS BATHROOM TRIPS , with more "HOLD".   I actually have such a hard time with swallowing liquid medicines of any type and am opting to ONLY take the pills.    AS OF JUNE 24th I still have not weighed myself but have seen a difference in not only my bathroom habits but see less "fluid" retention and my rings are not tight like they were prior to the program.   My husband asked me if I were losing weight?   If I have its about 5lbs which on my small frame would be obvious to gain or lose.

YESTERDAY i also included OXYELITE to my program.  This is NOT an all natural product like the DETOX system above but rather also uses CAFFEINE to boost the metabolism.   I am already a CAFFEINE fiend/addict so this is a substance that i can take without issue.
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I have been taking this now for 2 days ,  this product was recommended to me by a personal trainer that says that this product DOES WORK and for me to take 1 capsule for 4 days and then increase to 2 for 4 days and if I felt the need I could eventually take 3.  He stated that I do not eat enough meals ..........that I should have 5-6 snacks instead of 2-3 meals a day.   He also recommended that I work out or walk daily , all common sense recommendations and hard for me to follow .  At this time I have taken the capsule for 2 days and this has NOT affected my bathroom or eating habits but I do feel more energetic with their introduction.
I am generally an active person .....  what it has done is made me more thirsty for WATER which is KEY in cleansing and losing weight.

Ok so I am caught up on the progress......... I have a Dr. Apt on the 19th of July, hopefully by that time I will have lost some weight and getting on those scales won't be so depressing.   I have another week of the detox and will order more of the LBS II for sure.......... the real test will be "size"  right now I am a solid size 12.

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