Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Henley House............. a work in progress

Sometimes I get homesick and want to move ......... I want to move back to Louisiana where my root are the deepest and my family and friends of long ago live.   I feel this way more often these days because I have facebook and get to see what I am missing.  But then again, I love where I live as I have sewn many seeds here and raised my children here.  My house is where they call "home."   I plan on having a house in Louisiana one day too, provided things go my way and finances allow us to do so, but until then I will continue to make this place better each day ................

This is now the "Henley House" as we fondly refer to it.  It is quite cozy..........and has more than enough room (don't be fooled by outside appearances).  We recently tore down a falling down garage and put up the carport that you see on the right.  The "island" that you see my DH working on , is and has been a work in progress for the last 22 years!   Before I even moved in ,  I was collecting rocks to make this....... since then , we have removed a light, a giant tree and added a few pieces of "eye candy" to it.  It is now 3x its orig. size and we have much more work to do there.

I found a GDA at Target and bought a $150 Ping Pong table for about $3 after Gift Certificate that I bought via a bid site......... it works well RAIN OR SHINE in the carport now that it is put together! :)

This is a view from the side road of our back dock........... what a great place to get some sun or escape for a while with a book.   We don't have to worry too much about bugs, with all of the frogs and other wildlife around here (lots of birds too) that feast on them for us! :)

Our roadside view.   We have been working every year on this little area to make sure it stays honeysuckley and Poison Ivy free .......... its been a battle but right now its doing pretty well!   I love the crown vetch that I transplanted there long ago and that beautiful maple in the background belongs to my neighbor, Dave.
We put in the paved driveway about 4 or 5 years ago now, what a difference it makes!
This is part of the backyard.  I put the deck on the back (which desparately needs staining) about 7 years ago now.  The people that put it up, quit building after I paid them which left the bottom unfinished (partly latticed and poorly done at that, with no gateway) but ........... it works for cookouts and such and I do plan on having that completed one day.   The bench over the sandbox is to keep the lid on for the last storm we had , it normally doesn't "live there" I just did not put it back yet.  Kids play hard back here with the two swings ........ have lots of moss growing on the patio ....and some old rusty steps to replace to the left....I love the backyard but there is much work still to be done.

This is the way to the steps to the lake, between the two torches.  To the left is a "face" on a tree that gives it character (several of these in the yard) and to the right is the infamous rope swing of 20+ years.
now that you have seen those angles........... I will share with you the angles that need some help...........

this is where the bush once was (above) it is uneven and the gutter runs into an area that really needs a rain bucket........ or actually a DRUM would be more efficient I think.  I want to make an herb garden in this area but the husband first has to build the sides up higher or we will have dirt all in our new driveway.

This is our back patio............... it did not always look like this............it was "painted" with some type of sealer?  and now the wall has mildew looking stuff growing on it, there are cracks, the paint is coming off and the wall just needs to come down I think.   I did buy a contraption for the DH to wind his hose up on , but he has not put it together yet.  This area is in desparate need of some TLC or maybe even a hot tub?  I don't really know but something!

This is part of the area that needs to be covered up under/beside the deck........this is really a "nice" view of it I could have taken the photo at a different angle to show more but you get the idea........ unfinished, untidy and well............ to the LEFT of this area is actually another place that could use some plants that like shade......... hmmmmmmm maybe I could put the Rosemary there? 

This is a view of the back patio area that I made when I first moved in (plants, groundcover, eye candy) on the hill.  The steps there are nice but need to be "weeded" that lead down to the pavers........there are a couple of places in the "block" that need to be "sealed" before damage is done and the back of the carport area is full of gravel , dirt , ugly block etc...... I am thinking something needs to be done to make this area a bit more useful/pretty would be nice........

I am going to try and find a contest to help me with these things as we can't afford to "just do it" along with the gurgling we hear in the pipes for the septic and the "horn" sound we hear in the central air unit, the roof we just had fixed and the washing machine we just replaced its never ending, and did I mention we need to replace two of our entry doors and frames and oh yea..... the wax that the DH spilled on two different wall to wall carpets?   .............. whew its like chasing your tail sometimes.......... but we are trying ......

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