Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grabbing A Paddle

This is our ping-pong table,  I love it........ we have it under shelter so that we can play anytime we want to, a small interruption from working in the yard or filing coupons or editing photos.   We grab our best paddles and volley about 2 balls a piece until those are on the ground and then its over, back to work we go.  We have done this every chance we could .........since it was put together a few weeks back.

I am no pro thats for sure but I sure do love to hit the ball back and forth....... and forgetting everything but whats going on at "this moment" because if you don't........... you make mistakes.  You focus on whats important, whats coming your way RIGHT NOW.

Yep.... my heart changed ................. it stopped looking at what I did wrong in the past and what could possibly happen wrong in the future and started really beating.........I like to live in the moment these days, period.  I don't like to think too hard on the past and definitely not too much in the future.   I like to enjoy each moment and be in that moment, so that I don't "miss" out on too much.  I am finding that is a much more enjoyable way to live..........  GRABBING A PADDLE


Susan said...

ive got ur life preserver if ever u should need one....however, i think ur paddle is just fine! all anyone has is right now....let the bs go and focus on whats right in front of you...... thats what is important in this thing we call life.

Lisa said...

So true, but yet so hard to remain in that "healthy" state of mind. All we have is right now. We forget, while being lost in the shuffle, ourselves.