Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 18 → Your views on gay marriage.

Your views on gay marriage #18 of the challenge
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Gay Marriage:  we all know by now that "anjie" has hang ups about words and such and "should have" been an "English Teacher" or so I have been told.  **All of the English teachers are cringing at this point because of my "texting/typing" and lack of double checking before I post to my blog !  ROFL !   So don't think this is any exception to the rule just because it is "political" in nature.  
GAY = Happy
Marriage = legal union between woman and a man

Happy Marriage :  my view?  rare rare find


"Homosexual Union" I think is what you are or were asking about really?  Am I right?  Yes I was..... I say ....... to each his own and stay outta any business that isn't your own UNLESS it leads to harm for another individual(s), child or elderly persons. Why shouldn't two people of the same sex be able to form a Union of any type that they see fit complete with a pre-nup or addendum to protect themselves and any minors, animals and /or monies they share.  Really the question should be is why other people find it "their business" what goes on in between 2 agreeing people?   Ok..........gonna step on toes here too..... but I also believe that  this should also cover agreements and unions in other things, such as assisted suicide, in some cases.  ..... just my 2 cents, it doesn't matter, it doesn't count , its more like a negative 2 cents......why is this even a question?

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