Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creative Cooking , Kicking the Frugal Living up to Affrugal Living

I am the Frugal Freelancer  and prior to that was the Starving Student,  I have come through the ranks and have now been self promoted to AFFRUGAL .   Affluent and Frugal .  I like to LIVE LAVISHLY (by my own set of standards, not anyone elses) for LESS and I like the GOOD THINGS IN LIFE,  I like for my food to taste good, very good.  I like the best wines and I like to savor my meals.   I also don't like to pay full price for anything.  So I take the sale, coupons, review products, rebates, AFM, and many other creative saving techniques and combine them to give you the ANTI - EXTREME techniques...... the ROAD LESS TRAVELED BY,  the one in which you have time to "smell the coffee" and enjoy your savings.......
here is a prime example.

TOKIES DELICIOUS BROWNIES........ I got them from my dear friend and creator of TOKIES
Deb. to try and share and play with the recipes.   I am doing just that.   The first item was the MAPLE JACKS........ I gave a box to my daughter AND shared the finished product with a friend of the families last weekend in the form of Chocolate Chip, Blueberry and Honey Pecan.  YUMMMMMM  

This week I made my own dessert and sharing with you the results for XANDERS BROWNIES...... they are the BOMB and can be found in Whole Food Grocery store of you can order online.
Here are the results........

OK the first step is get a box of XANDERS BELGIUM CHOCOLATE BROWNIE MIX (whole foods has it)  I followed the directions but decided to make "in between" the directions for brownies and cake by adding just a bit  (about  1/8 of a cup of milk , I actually used evaporated because that is what I had handy) and then added a Cup of Chopped Nuts.  I am going to say you can use your FAVORITE NUT here I actually used a combination of them that I had in the freezer :)   This is of course optional.  I also lined my pan with wax paper and cut to size to save me on clean up later.  I don't like using cooking sprays and avoid when I can.
Cook as directed otherwise. ^^^

 I made a "frosting" or creamy layer by using the Kitchen Aid and miding together  1 stick of real butter (creamed) with about 3 tblespoons of Almond Butter....... I added this mixture to the powdered sugar (1 lb) a bit at a time into the mixer.  once that was mixed together  I added the condensed milk (entire can) to the mixer and then ............ added Ameretta D'Sorono to this (I did not measure and would assume that any amount or Almond Extract would do the same....... to give this an ALMOND CREAM taste.  AFter all of the lumps were gone I decided to add a bit more butter to mine..... to make it creamier (about 2 TBL) and then blended again.  I added 3/4 cup of sweetened shredded coconut to the finished product and mixed in.
These were all items I had "on hand" and did not buy "extra" at the store.  I encourage you to make your own flavors!  :) 

I layered the mixture on the COOLED brownies I made above.  I spread evenly (almost)  and then used a mexican caramel (dolce) that I had in the fridge to decorate the top.  

 Serve a WARM piece with ice cream (we tried the new LACTOSE FREE BRYERS AND IT WAS DELISH!)   for a delicious start and then when entirely cooled (refridgerate to hasten this process) cut into squares and put on a plate in the fridge  there will be no need to cover them because the top will not stay on and everytime you open the door it will be mandatory to have just "one" .  So forget to cover it and put in the dishwasher in about 24 hours.  AFTER LICKING THE PLATE :)

I enjoyed some of the WINE I added to the Pot Roast below ........ and in a nice chilled glass........ and then I used my beautiful new wine stopper from my BF, SUSAN........ I will think of her often as I will use this often . I luv my Fleur D' Lis.   The wine I bought from one of the designer sample sites with a promo discount code and a referral credit.  No it wasn't free but it wasn't the $80 a bottle it cost in the Wine Stores either.  It was the price people pay for the "ok" wines, I got the AFFRUGAL way..... top shelf for  mid/ bottom shelf price!

Pot Roast.......seared roast cooked in a wine/worchester sauce filled with fresh veggies and fresh herbs and plenty of black pepper.  YUM!  Ok used up the veggies from the pasta salad I made the other day that I brought to my neices cookout and a 75% off roast at Food Lion on managers mark down special.  YEA I paid about $5 for this AWESOME AFFRUGAL ROAST!

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