Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you a ; "Pitcher Taker?" and do you eat "Crepes?"

Yep, in this part of the country I have found that many that are indigenous to this area have about a 50/50 chance of saying this phrase to me at least once. I find it endearing........ and odd......
Can you take my 'pitcher?"
Thats a good "pitcher" when speaking about my photo .  I swallow and don't say a word because the truth is I know what you are trying to say and I am anal about how it sounds.   I put my self in check and use the microphone feature on  to make sure there isn't an "alternate acceptable version"  like vase and you know "vaz" .......

what goes thru my mind is this "smart alike" alter ego that says  "I take "images" or "photographs" of "portaits" or "art" and an occasional snap shot or picture , but never do I do "pitchers" unless its a still live of something that holds water or liquid of some sort .... :)  Ice Tea is a favorite!     I also have a small collection of cameras and a small collection of pitchers but I do NOT have a collection of "photographs"   Again this is going on in my mind when I smile and say .......""yes i do take pictures"

The list goes on and on.........another example ............

The other day I was watching my favorite channel and one of my favorite celebrities on it and she was teaching a very cool technique that I was interested in watching because I could relate to it on many levels.  She was making Crepes.   I took for years of French and I lived in the area most influenced by the French for many years of my life. I have eaten probably some of the best Crepes in the United States and i have probably made some of the worst.  i even bought a crepe maker once and end result was not WINNING it was more like a BIG FAIL.   The celeb called them creps sounded like a nasally crap kinda ......I have always heard them called Crepes more romantically like with a bit of a long "A" sound and a slight pronounciation of the ending "s" ...... so everytime she said this word........ I had  go hear it from  and click on the megaphone to make sure that I wasn't saying this wrong,  its important for me to say things correctly when ordering :)

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