Friday, February 11, 2011

PANTRY SHOPPING...........its a quest and its been fun

I have not had to go "big" grocery shopping in a long long time............... I think my family get together in December was the last "hoorah" at the grocery store and that was mainly for the items needed for the party.  ALL of January and now into February I have restrained from buying anything except the misc. item I send the DH to the store to get ............ (SODAS (our big vice) apples, french vanilla creamer,  butter, laundry detergent etc) to fill in the gaps.   The gaps are getting a bit bigger at the moment as I am almost out of all of the cheeses I have frozen,  Milk (I do have evaporated and powdered tho) and some sour cream would be most awesome right now :)

For my birthday 3 very insightful friends gave me "ingredients" or "items" that helped me stretch this even further (gourmet olive oil and two king cakes!)  and then a guy at the DH work has been helping us along by sharing his fresh eggs as he is getting more than his family can eat!  :)  so we are lucky in those respects

Its almost time (next month) to plant some cool weather crops (lettuce etc) that also helps us to keep our bills down and I am (in minutes) ordering some herb pods to start that growth process again (nothing like fresh herbs)

I have gotten quite creative in my "thinking" about this venture and the meals have been delicious........AND I have donated a total of 6 bags of pantry items to the Food Bank too............... and I still have a long long way to go.   This is part of REAPING THE REWARDS OF OUR HARD WORK that we do all year long.

I am going to print out all of my RESTAURANT GC today and start to use these all before they expire.  I love to go out to eat and WHY NOT when you can do so for Pennies!  :)  *stay tuned for more on that

I still have a long way to go to empty / deplete my grocery stockpiles/pantry but I have some FREE coupons for items that I am going to go ahead and redeem soon so that they don't go to waste/expire on me.......
and a few GC that will enable me to restock some MEAT items when I am totally desparate.......... LOL

TONIGHT I have some chicken breasts thawing out.............I know that is going to be one of the ingredients
now to figure out what I am going to actually do with them is Key............stay tuned ! :)

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Dinner was HOME MADE Chicken Alfredo with Naan and Shari's Berries

Went to the store for
Sour Cream
and a few things to make these Pomegranate cupcakes.......