Monday, December 6, 2010

REPOST from last year........ FRUGAL GIFT IDEA that is beautiful

Easy, Inexpensive, LUXURIOUS, Gift Item! :)

A Christmas or two ago, I was given a candle as a gift (along with lunch) from a very good friend and fellow freelancer, Carol. I recreated this gift to give to some people on my list this year as a simple "thinking of you gift" during the holidays. My DH and I put these together last night, we made 12 and they are so very beautiful we kept 2 of them for our kitchen!

Fresh Cranberries (we used 4 bags to make 12) Rinsed and sorted to remove any "mushy" ones.

12 Mason Jars, 12 tealight candles (we used vanilla and cranberry scented , off white and red)

Basket of short needle pine springs (some have tiny pinecones on them)

Put a "sprig" in each jar, fill with water , leaving about 2-3 inches of room on top. Make sure sprig is completely covered. Place a handful of cranberries in the jar (they float) and then gently place a tealight in each one. Put on top and tie a bow with Twine or ribbon to complete the gift. When you light these candles and turn down the house lighting you will say "AHHHHHH" they are quite festive and beautiful.

click on the above (to your left to see these large , to see how pretty they are!) This gift is VERY FRUGAL, quite beautiful and fun to make and use. When the tealight is finished, replace.

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