Monday, December 20, 2010

ITS CRUNCH TIME! USE BOA to save you time and money BLOG CONTEST

 I don't know about you but when I go "out" on day armed and ready with coupons, mystery shop info, freecycle stop etc etc 
I try to get everything planned in one day because of the cost of gasoline these days it is almost a necessity! 

OMG I just found out about a lesser known feature that Map Quest has that could be a DREAM for yardsailers, bargain shoppers, merchandisers, mystery shoppers etc. This feature could save you time and money especially if you don't have a GPS that is pre-programmed with your routes!  you can add up to 26 total destinations and Mapquest will give you the quickest routes to take. Since launching in July, it has saved North Americans more 3.2 million miles! I bet even Santa Uses this feature sometime this year! 

Speaking of Holiday Shopping ..... here is another fantastic tip from Bank of America to save you time and money along your holiday routes.  Make sure your item is in stock at the store before you leave to go shopping: "Nothing wastes more time than driving from store-to-store in search of a specific item.  Do yourself a favor and call ahead or better yet check store inventory online before you leave home.  Many major e-tailers offer customers the convenience of purchasing items online and then picking them up in-store…some with express pick-up lines.  "

Wrap it up:  Watch for “free gift wrapping” promotions from online merchants.  Sometimes you may have to spend a certain amount to get the promotion to kick in, but it may be worth it given the time you’ll save on the back-end.  Other times you don't, I really love it when you get a Terrific bargain at a store (Kays Jewelers has store only promos at Christmas, with FREE gift wrap, and the Powhatan Pharmacy rocks at it too!)

Bank on the Go!  Bank of America has many banking tools that help save you a trip to the bank.   You can direct deposit your bank or you can use the ATM and get a photo of the check you just deposited too!   No need to go anywhere at all if you use the online banking system.  I use the online feature to make sure I don't charge more than I have in the bank, that is so easy to do during the holiday season.  

WIN $50 BANK OF AMERICA CARD!!!   I am running way behind this year with all of the school closings and a "late" Thanksgiving....... the days are ticking away and before you know it will be a "ready or not" kinda Christmas!  What is your best time saving tip for the holidays ........ NOT including to shop all year long, that is a gimmee!  :) 

USE THE COMMENT FEATURE on the CHRISTMAS CRUNCH post on the frugal freelancer........(I will not be publishing them to protect your privacy but I will announce a winner on the blog)
leave your tip and your name, address and email in a comment here I will be choosing one random winner on WEDNESDAY! good luck!

Need even more holiday tips to save you time and money?  Stay tuned to "" and 
for more!  :) 

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Bank of America and received a Bank of America preloaded gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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