Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 TRUTHS......... Something you hope to do in your life

The Yellow Bucket ~  Myrtle Beach 2010
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the proverbial "Bucket List"  I found a wiki on how to make one of those HERE
and started a while back doing things on my bucket list .  Actually TAKING ACTION on them........instead of "being in the process of" the rest of my life.   One of those things, Butch & I both had on our list ......going to the Grand Canyon.  We did that in July of this year, in a helicopter, it was magnificent.

I have accomplished a few things in my life and experienced a few things that some never do and for that I am very grateful, its hard to "ask" to be able to do much more. Yet there is so much more here on Earth  to do............ so with that in mind here is a suggestion from the WIKI   that I was looking over and thinking, YA KNOW this is so TRUE , its the same premise I held to when I went back to college in 1994............

#6   Start small. Dont rush off to book your round-the-world plane ticket just yet. Have one thing on your list that you can accomplish today. This will give you that feeling of accomplishment that you've made a start to your Bucket List and will motivate you to continue. Concentrating on the easier to accomplish tasks first will encourage you to continue working towards the end of your list.

So........ YEA I have been trying to redesign/vamp my website for YEARS now , which was something that was supposed to be done WEEKS after closing the "forum" and starting the blog.   I attempted to get all of my moderators on board on the blogs and teach them to do this and many did............but it hasn't all come together as I had hoped.  The reason why I think is because I was waiting to find the "right logo" "web designer" etc etc .......I didn't think that maybe I SHOULD DO IT........ I have enrolled now to start back to school in January thru my local community college to take an online class ........WEB DESIGN and also I am going to take PHOTOSHOP TOO......... everyone asks me if I know it, advises me that I should use it, and then there's those that assume "Photoshop me out of that picture please"  that I know it already.  I don't.  A friend tried to show me a few little things in it but I am going to bite the bullet and take the class.

So I hope that I learn these 2 skills ...........I'm starting small.......the means to the end.  I am hoping that I can finish these classes and do well in them.  WISH ME LUCK!

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