Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photography : ZENFOLIO (photo back up and more)

Zenfolio is a place where you can load / upload your photos / images and have a "safe" keeping place for them other than your own computer and disks.  What I like is that they are saving your FULL SIZED FILES unlike facebook and other social networking sites that yes you CAN upload your photos to but they are not by any stretch of the imagination full sized.    I have struggled with saving / backing up my images as I tend to forget to do so and don't really want to "hassle" with an external drive  either. 
This site makes it very convenient to save / back up my "stuff" and there are other perks as well.

You can "share" your photos with your friends and family.  They can order reprints / prints of your kids straight from the site (you set your prices) through a professional photo lab or you can "give them away" for download etc , you can make coupons for your family friends etc.  I was asked often for "copies" of my photos and / or prints ..........this way people can just order what they want.  There is also the option of DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FOR PERSONAL USE.  I charge $15 for this and the person can download the file and use it on other printing sites to combine with FREE & NEARLY FREE offers that I write about on

This option has taken away the very uncomfortable situation of people "taking" my photos AT WILL and making wall sized prints without any concern/credit etc about my photographic rights.  I was able to "watermark" my photos at will with a copyright symbol, the word "PROOF" or customize one of my own (which I haven't done yet).  I was especially THRILLED to do this as I have walked into a friends house of my stepdaughters and found a large canvas print of MY PHOTOGRAPH which was taken from me and used without my knowledge.  Yes, this is a compliment in a way, but also very very  unethical in the photography world.

I don't have a "professional" camera and I don't use "professional" software to edit my photos YET.  I say YET because I am working on that.  :)   I have a Nikon D90 and a Canon D40 (that is currently broken).  I won the Nikon and my DH bought me the Canon.   I have a variety of lenses but none of them have the Aperture settings that I am looking for.   I also do not currently have a Macro for my Nikon, but my zoom on my Canon does allow for some Macro shooting.   I use for my editing.  It is a FREE software program that allows you to upload your photos and crop and / or enhance them.   Right now there are some FUN HALLOWEEN choices to add some "special effects" like GHOUL EYES or LIGHTING BOLTS.  The program is EXTREMELY user friendly and does not require any specific skills to learn and/or use.
A GOOD REVIEW of the site and its features is located HERE

One of my FAVORITE features of both sites is that I can do a ONE STEP transfer to FACEBOOK.
(or other sites)  my steps include...........editing the photos , uploading them to Zenfolio and then watermarking them before export to Facebook to share with everyone.  How cool is that?  (picnik also has this option)

SPEAKING OF FACEBOOK I have also added my newly aquired "photo" name to Facebook.  A&B Photography which will eventually become part of A&B MEDIA (flbyu etc) now has a facebook page all of its own.  This is a great way to get exposure , which everyone knows is the KEY to getting jobs, building a portfolio and then ultimately making money.   Once I make enough on my photos then I can afford more equipment right?  Well, thats the dream anyway............. :)  

This is where I am moving my photographic images  My Personalized link will lead you HERE
I do happen to have a referral code: CYV-WN7-BQG if you want to join I think I will get a $5 credit if you do?  but ................

Alternately I also have a FREE TRIAL link that I can share .......... here  I get a few nickles here too
and it costs you NADDA / NOTHING / ZIP to try it out and explore their features.........

Zen Photo Hosting site    Free Trial  
Our wide range of elegant, customizable presentation and sales solutions will let you focus on what you do best – creating superb images.Whether you are a professional photographer or an enthusiast, Zenfolio has flexible plans to suit your needs and prices you will be pleased with.

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