Thursday, August 19, 2010

going to get $20 in FREE stuff today ***thanks to GAP

While I was in Vegas I went looking for a belt for a friend at the mall "PH" mall , which is fantastically stocked with some stores that we do not have in VA, so makes for some great WINDOW SHOPPING and ideas.......

I did find a deal at GAP for the DH (pants and shirt) that he would look fabulous in (although we do have GAP in VA) for an event we were having in VEGAS........... I loved the outfit and the sale and was even more inticed when the sales-guy told me I could save an ADDITIONAL 45%  (yep) if I applied for and was accepted for the GAP CREDIT CARD.  OK he was speaking my language................ I applied

Today I was going through my mail (stacks and piles) that accumulated while I was gone and paying the "pregnant" credit cards (that happens when you travel alot) and ran across my new card, I was PLEASED to find an offer in my GAP CREDIT CARD envie  "use your gap card at a non-gap related store" and get $20 in REWARD to use at GAP STORE (or affiliate) later

OK I can do this...............I just went to the site and linked my new card to my email address and phone # and then added some alerts from ATHENA to get 1500 bonus "points" to my card... in addition to the $20 that I am going to make and this was sooooooooooooooo.......EASY!

CURRENTLY they have 15% off your purchase today if you do the card deal on line and plus the 1500 bonus points ,  and I would bet you will also get the $20 reward offer when you receive your card!  it was a surprise to me ...........and it is worth a shot  GAP CREDIT CARD

Now if you have a card there are a ton of online codes and offers they send you
that are only available to card members !   so get your card and score today!

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