Sunday, June 13, 2010

SCORCHING DEALS! Food Lion / Kraft

It was / is a scorcher!  100 degrees outside, you could hardly breathe but I was all fired up about making sure I got in on the KRAFT $10 on $30 rebate for this weeks savvy shopping........

You see not every week is a week that I shop STRICTLY for coupon items , especially weeks like this one where I am basically "set" with everything I need at home..........I needed some Ketchup, some chilli sauce and an Oven Stuffer Roaster, other than that I only "wanted" items. So it was / is stockpile time!
I bought plenty of planters nuts with coupons, ritz crackers and philadephia cream cheese, add several packs of maxwell house coffee and some sliced kraft cheese........... add to that some Kraft Mac & Cheese free coupons and some free Turkey Bacon and you basically have my entire shopping list.  I couldn't pass up the fresh cherries nor the pint of blueberries in the produce dept..   I also had to spend another Food Lion $1 off eggs coupon and got 1/2 dozen for I have 2.5 dozen to go along with my free cheese I should have some fantastic quiche!....... my total bill for the week was $52 and I will get back $10 so $42 out of pocket spendings for the week of wonderful eats for my DH and I............. there is no way we will eat it all in a week , so this may even be 2 weeks unless we get some major company!

Faith has gone for the summer to stay with her mom so there is one less mouth to feed and a bit more flexibility in meals as she is a bit pickier than us and snacks lots more.
I stockpile lots in the summer and donate lots too!   You see the way I shop its easy to create some fantastic gourmet meals and also donate so that others may be able to eat better as well.  YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!    There are several savings strategies to use and I speak about them all on my blogs and articles.

My neighbor brought me a bag of cucumbers today too,  I so enjoyed my first cucumber and cream cheese sandwich ............. <3

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