Monday, June 14, 2010

RECENT WINS! Gotta Be In it to Win It!

Thanks to my Frugal Freelancing Friend, Princess Marie, I found out about a contest that was "naming" a hypothetical bag of chips.  I won the contest and got a case of individual sized bags of wise chips, HOW COOL IS THAT?   they were supposed to be for memorial day but they came the week after.  We have been enjoying them ever since!  This contest was on FACEBOOK where I have been winning
a few great things lately!

Another Great win (a month or two ago) was BANDALS flip flops!  I have really been enjoying them and wearing them almost everyday so far this summer!  They have some great "support" in them , which I need for my HIGH ARCHES!  I have never owned a more comfortable pair of flip flops EVER!  They are black and have adjustable bands so they not only go with everything , they adjust to just about every foot width too!

Recently I have rec'vd a twitter win and two other Facebook wins that are AWESOME!   Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce (doesn't that sound delish?),  Cheap Trick CD and a GORGEOUS DKNY fashion purse (retail $250) that I will be putting away for a gift for Christmas!

I have also won a couple of TEXT TO WINS but .............

I have not rec'vd the TSHIRT I won YET and the BUD LIGHT MINI FRIDGE would be GREAT but I have to travel 3.5 hours to get it? and have a 4 hour time frame to pick it up?  I had two dif. weekends to pick this up and I missed one already, we shall see if I get enough gumption to go and get that in RALEIGH NC!

NOTE:  see TEXTING phone in my left hand?  hmmmm who would've thunk it?

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