Monday, May 31, 2010

365 Project

I have been doing a very fun and thought provoking project on Facebook.
I have been doing a 365 project inspired by Rachel M. a friend of many years.  I saw her most creative entries and was quite interested in doing the same!
THE BEGINNING:   I started my project on a random day February 21.   There was no reason to choose that day,  I just picked it.   I started with this photo taken from the side of the road on the way home from West VA.  Obviously it was snowing / had been snowing and I had the husband stop the car so I could get out to get this shot, without disturbing the deer.
This was a great beginning............

THE RULES...........
The only rules I made for myself was I had to take a picture EVERY DAY and I had to date it.  The pictures had to represent my day in some way............. and had to be taken by me.............not of me.

I have found the project to be theraputic at times and even intimidating at others, when I didn't have such a good day or the perfect shot........... the best thing about it is that a few other people have also been inspired to do the same thing............and have found the project to be fulfilling on some level.

I have searched around and found many others are doing the same thing for the same or differing reasons and in different formats.  Blogs have been a popular way to do this and some people are taking the same subject shot everyday to show  growth and / or change.

There are also some 365 pages that don't have to do with photographs.  there are 365 wishes, quotes, places, things to do etc etc.............. my particular plan was 365 days of photographs. ...................

I have inspired and thought of a new project that I am starting to overlap with the other, this one is going to be 365 Humans...........and will be a bit different in nature........ I am going to do this in blog format and I think it will be a "journey" to say the very least.

Wish me luck

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