Saturday, February 6, 2010


It all began, earlier in the season.............when the Saints beat the Patriots......... gave them a "whooping" as some would say. The Patriot Dynasty fell to the team once known as the "aints." Well the AINTS AINT AINTS NO MORE! :) Its NFL history in the making and quite possibly the most exciting super bowl EVER!
The game will be in Miami but the players will be representing
Indianapolis and New Orleans.

I am a Long Time Saints fan. Have been ever since I worked in the Superdome, selling Nacho's at age 15. They were the "AINTS" back then and grocery stores couldn't keep paper bags in stock, as people wanted them to decorate and wear over their faces, still wearing SAINTS GEAR but ..............not revealing "who dat" they were.

Now days, the Saints are "America's Team" the underdogs, the survivors of katrina and the fans are out (without the bags) and stores are selling out of Saints Gear, Jerseys , Fleur De Lis , you name it, the Saints are a money making entity for their city and the NFL at large. Many people are getting in on the action and using their skills to market items to the newly formed and LARGE fan base.

With Mardi Gras Right around the corner, king cakes are being made (business as usual) but now you can buy them in the colors of the SAINTS (black and gold) ****thanks to my GF, VICKI who so graciously sent me one to enjoy this weekend!

The Game is just around the corner and you know me, gotta try to get some FRUGAL game plan going for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!

All of the sudden people were asking me for IDEAS on what to serve to represent New Orleans at their Super Bowl parties. I wrote a brief blog post (not frugal in nature) just to put out there what it is that people eat (besides seafood) when they are at home here. Many people that I know personally that live in New Orleans wont be cooking at all , but rather be in various establishments to celebrate locally with their friends, on balconies in the quarter.

What do you need to have a Great Superbowl Game, FRUGALLY you ask? hmmmmmmmm
well , I may need to look to WALMART may have the answers you are looking for! Can you believe it? they have made it SUPER SIMPLE to plan your party with a "slider" for how many guests you are expecting, they have even provided some print out party games!

TELEVISIONS: it is imparative to have a working television , and electricity to view the game! Many houses put televisions all over the house, so you don't miss a thing! Right now Walmart has all of their HI DEF TVS AT GREAT PRICES AND FREE SHIPPING! GO HEREto check out the great selection of BRAND NAMES and NO COST S&H! They also have some great deals on installation if you need that!

FOOD: Walmart has come up with a SUPERBOWL PACK that feeds 8 (its a no brainer just pick it up) for $44whats in this pack? one package of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, one package of Johnsonville Bratwursts, two packages of Great Value Hot Dog Buns, two boxes of T.G.I Friday’s Frozen Appetizers, one Hormel Supreme Party Tray, a 12″ Chocolate Chunk cookie and two boxes of Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuit Crackers
you get a variety of goodies , something for everyone & its EASY FARE to fix and clean up.

NOW ............... you want to win a WALMART GIFT CARD ? check this out.......
you can put together your OWN SUPERBOWL PARTY MENU or get one of theirs, the $50 gc
is enough to even cover the tax!

1. comment below telling me your best money saving tip or recipe for SUPERBOWL PARTIES
you have until FEB 10th to get your entry in. I will need to contact you so you may NOT enter anonomously, so leave your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.
You may enter more than one idea but each idea must be a separate and completely different idea.

2. EXTRA ENTRY can be earned by going HERE and telling me the best product, idea , recipe or bargain you found at WALMART'S GAME TIME PAGE !


“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign byMom Central on behalf of Walmart. In addition, I received a Walmart gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate and one to offer as a giveaway.”

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