Sunday, August 16, 2009


Kelly's room! Kelly left her room LIME GREEN , ESPRESSO BROWN and a BEAUTIFUL NATURAL WHITE . Note: blue berber carpet, purple ceiling fan and closet with various stickers on the mirror including sponge bob!

I will be REDOING this room and keeping up with it here on ANJIES WORLD

photocredit: dragonartz

I have the NEW ARMOIRE that I got from FREECYCLE recently ready to go
into the room! My sister would like the old TV stand that turns so that her boys can use for video games! :) so that works like a charm!

and my sister came over and painted all of the LIME GREEN TO SPA BLUE (see pics) she suggested that I buy KILZ at Walmart
(they custom make your color and you don't need primer + it is water soluable!) She brought over several COOL TOOLS including a rolling edger which I will be buying for future paint jobs!

The curtains in this pic..... are gone, gifted to my GF's daughter (BREANNA) whose room is the exact same color! In addition she also got a SEWING MACHINE that I snagged for her from freecycle a while back! She wants to teach herself/learn how to sew! EVERYONE is winning here!

Will post more soon! I have a few "touch ups" that I need to do before moving on to the STORAGE issue ......... STAY TUNED!


robbyn said...

I can't wait to see your progress/ideas with this project. My baby leaves for college in less than 3 weeks, leaving me with a big empty house that needs to be redone as cheaply as possible (w/out looking cheap). I am interested in your cool painting tools and things like paint color names and/or numbers. Thanks! said...

thanks Robbyn!
for the blue I used Dutch Boy color
but had them mix it in KILZ to get the THICK COVERING type (no primer needed and 1 coat)

going to make a post about it now!