Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More info on the ROOM REDO!

for the blue I used "Dutch Boy" color swatch
but had them mix it in KILZ to get the THICK COVERING type (no primer needed and 1 coat) (photo credit:

The White that Kelly had previously painted the room is beautiful and very "spa" like
so I am leaving it , it is like a "natural" linen white (not bright) and the brown is okay too
on the trim......... so not painting that either.

my sister brought over the supplies (tarp $1 kind, roller, roller cover and EDGER) the EDGER was the absolute best - and a MUST HAVE for anyone that wants to paint! It was a red plastic thing with little wheels on it. I bought the pads and you just dip it into the pan of paint and run against the frame, ceiling etc........ NO TAPE was needed except to hold up the tarp and around ROUNDED edges of the molding, windows, doors and straight edge needed none! I am going to buy my own EDGER (just like my sisters) and she said they also have them in a smaller size for tighter edges, I will also be buying this as well! :)
(photo credit: I will be buying my edgers from HERE as I earn FREE GIFT CERTIFICATES FROM HERE at least $5 per month!

The paint was mixed and purchased at WALMART who happened to have the best prices around for the KILZ, I got a SATIN finish on recommendation of the "paint guy" who said it has a durable finish with an elegant NON SHINY look! perfect-o! (photo credit:

Today I took a tiny brush and touched up a couple of areas and removed a clothing bar that Kelly had installed in her room for her ABUNDANCE of clothing that over-ran a normal sized closet! :)

Paint: $25
Pillows: $15 for pair (walmart)

TV stand
Bedspread and sham

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