Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kings Plate with a Peasants Pocketbook

CLICK ON THAT PICTURE! wait until you get a close up look at that plate, you will almost be able to smell it!

Nothing but the Best....... Dinner at 1/2 the price tonight BBQ chicken with Sweet Potatoes (baked fries with cinnamon, butter and brown sugar ;) rachel, stuffed portabellas and whole grain olive loaf bread ALL 1/2 priced at Kroger, now for JAVA and Fruit topped Cheesecake (also 1/2 off) total dinner: $15.15 it would serve 4 people w/ leftovers of the cheesecake and bread easily! soooooooo gooooooooooood

When you are stockpiling, and buying items in quantity that you want/need etc, there comes a time when you really just don't NEED anything and you can "shop at home" for your meals , and often SPLURGE (yea splurge) on other items.

I didn't take a pic of dessert put it was unbelievably good and delish too! You too can eat like a king with a peasants pocket book........... just follow along! Shop with Anjie and learn the tips of the trade and before you know it you too will be able to shop like this too!

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